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Written by  :  Lill Ferraz (3)
Written on  :  Aug 21, 2006

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The third Harry Potter adventure game is wonderful!

The Good

I like this game because:
  1. I like to play adventure games.
  2. I love all Harry Potter books/movies/ games.
  3. As the two other games, it follows the movie, that follows the book.
  4. You can re-play the 3 challenges until you find all the shields (and not from scratch).
  5. You can repeat the final exams until you pass.

The Bad

It's impossible to finish the Hippogriff Courses Mini-game! And you can't finish the game unless you finish the Hippogriff Mini-game! You can't control Buckbeak's velocity, it's too fast, and it's very difficult to fly through the tiny rings using a mouse. I tried the fifth course hundreds, thousands of times and never made more than 5000 points (twice, until now...); and you must to do 5600 points to win. I can't finish the game only because of this mini-game... I won Dementors and Voldemort, but I can't win this mini-game. :-(

I wish the developers freely distribute a patch changing this mini-game to only 3 or 4 levels...

The Bottom Line

A wonderful game for Harry Potter and Adventure games lovers, but frustrating when you can't win the Hippogriff Courses Mini-Game.