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atari breakout

Heart of Darkness Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main Title
Main Menu
Options Menu
Being Chased over a narrow bridge
Climbing a wall
The evil master of darkness
Avoiding man-eating plants in the swamp
Navigating a cave
Escaping the explosion of your ship in the nick of time.
Shooting can be done in total of 8 directions, depending on the weapon and your position.
Pulling the rope in order to open a new passage.
In water you can swim, but in water with hostile animals you get eaten.
Escaping the black flyers through the magical lake.
Shootout at the bridge.
Volcanic lands.
Team work, you and your Amigo battling the black scavengers.
Zapping the hordes of dark minions.
Strange impression appears on the faces of amigos as they look at the wrong picture (of an amigo babe) their elder is showing you.
Andy, our hero, went to surpas all his fears in order to save his dog, Whiskey.
After-ending animation which is made specifically for the glasses you get with the game. You can put them on and check this picture, and you'll also be able to see it has a 'special' depth.