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Hearts of Iron II: Doomsday Credits


President and CEOTheodore Bergquist
ProducerJohan Andersson
Director of PublishingFredrik Wester
CFOLena Eriksson
ProgrammingPontus Åberg, Stefan Johansson
Art DirectorStefan Thulin
AI ScriptingDavid Martinez
ArtistDick Sjöström
Campaign DesignSimon Aistleitner
ManualChristopher Stone
PR and Marketing ManagerSusana Meza Graham
Product ManagerJeanette Bauer
Quality AssuranceFlorian Santer
EditingRyan Newman, Nick Stewart
Original MusicAndreas Waldetoft
Sound EffectsWave Generation
Translation European Localization Center
Market coordination - USAReena M. Miranda, Karen L. Sosa
Market coordination - Germany, Austria and SwitzerlandMario Gerhold, Susanna Mittermaier, Uwe Palmer
Market coordination - UKStuart Chiplin, Deane Punter, David Blundell, Holly Groves, Debbie Brettell
PR UKSimon Callaghan
Market coordination - ItalyMarco Viciani, Daniele Falcone
Market coordination - ScandinaviaNiklas Molin, Lennart Blixt
Market coordination - FranceSusana Meza Graham
Special ThanksThanks to our partners. Atari (USA); Snowball (Russia); Friendware (Spain); Cenega (Poland) and Koch Media (UK; Germany; Italy)., To all our forum members; partners and supporters; who are integral for our success.

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Credits for this game were contributed by formercontrib (158973) and Indra was here (20911)