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Hearts of Iron II: Doomsday Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main Menu - Symbols of the 2 superpowers
Campaign and Scenario selection. Choose from 127 countries, each with a banner and detailed historical descriptions. Different with each scenario/campaign.
Scenario Menu - Choose various famous battle scenes during WWII
Diplomacy Screen - Player: Soviet Union. Here you can see your cabinet ministers and change them for different bonuses/penalties.
Diplomacy Screen - Player: Nationalist China. Here you can also conduct diplomatic negotiations with other countries.
Espionage Screen - Use your spy network to cause havoc for your own benefit
Research Screen - Prepare your lab team to research technologies you deem useful
Research Screen: Overview - See the overall accomplishments and effects of your current research progress
Production screen: Trading info as well as units being produced.
Main Map - This is were the gameplay occurs. Here we're viewing the armies of Poland.
Each division may be led by a general. Choose an appropriate general to lead your troops into victory!
Terrain Map: Knowing the terrain is an advantage in battle. Different units excel or fight poorly in different areas.
Weather Map: Troops don't fight well when it's raining. A weather forecast does wonders to battle results.
Economic Resource Map: Find out which provinces are rich in resources and take (or guard) them for your benefit.
Supply Map: If it isn't green then your troops will lack supplies to fight. That isn't good.
Rebel Map: If it's red then you have uprising problems. If its green, you're safe. If it's neither, that province isn't yours :)
Victory Points Map: Certain provinces are have victory points - these points are accumulated as a "gaming score". Has no effect to gameplay.
World political map (Europe) - Soviet Union is Red and Big!
Quit Screen - When you quit the game, you can see the progress of your faction (unless your neutral)