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Written by  :  Kasey Chang (4617)
Written on  :  Dec 16, 2000
Platform  :  Windows

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Interesting alternative to Mechwarrior, but still relies on overwhelming numbers...

The Good

Lots of stealth missions, alternative travel modes (try the "skates!"), lots of weapons (even mortars and grenades) and even hand-to-hand weapons, Zero-G missions, ability to kneel and even crawl, decent AI that actually hides when under attack and takes cover (sometimes), nice terrain effects with the 3D engine (even decent trees) with lighting effects

The Bad

Hard to remap the controls, as you can't "double-map" some of the functions. No mid-mission save some some missions require a lot of trial-and-error, the AI occasionally is just too stupid despite occasional brilliance. The missions rely on threat value limits (which makes no sense tactically, as you want to go in best equipped!) and plenty of enemies to be challenging.

The Bottom Line

Heavy Gear 2, with the new 3D Dark Engine, is almost a match for Mechwarrior 3. The scenarios are challenging (except that impossible training mission). The graphics are good (though not QUITE as detailed as MW3). The mission designs are quite good, as there are a lot of "stealth" missions (instead of just smashing in MW3) mixed in with the good "brawl" missions. The weapons mix and the ability to add both perks and flaws are interesting, though it needs to be better implemented. On the other hand, as always you're fighting against "overwhelming odds" where the enemy outnumber you greatly. And the "threat value limit" placed in each mission feels very artificial. Overall, this game is worth trying if you like this genre.