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Hegemony: Philip of Macedon Credits


Lead DesignerJim McNally
DesignRob McConnell, Philippe McNally, Rick Yorgason
Lead ProgrammerRob McConnell
ProgrammingRick Yorgason
Lead ArtistPhilippe McNally
ArtistClarissa Jagessar
Additional ArtDavid Dick
SoundShinnyo Interactive Audio
Sound DesignMark Shnuriwsky
Mixing and Sound DesignAndrew Tay
Sound ImplementationMichael Klinowski
Foley ArtistStefan Fraticelli
Foley RecordistStephen Muir
MusicDana DiAnda, Cannibal Island Studios
Quality AssuranceClarissa Jagessar, Michael Ney
Fonts, EthosWendy McNally
Font, Lofty RomanRick Yorgason
Font, Day Roman - Freeware byApostrophic Lab
FreeType 2 licensed fromThe FreeType Project
Ogg, Vorbis, and Theora Libs licensed fromXiph.Org
AlgLIB licensed fromAlgLIB Project
In memory ofSeumas McNally (1979-2000; Founder: Longbow Digital Arts)

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Credits for this game were contributed by formercontrib (159039) and Rob McConnell (61)