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Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice Credits

Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice

Lead DevelopersTameem Antoniades, Stuart Arrowsmith, Dan Attwell, Rupert Brooker, Gavin Costello, Loong-Wei Ding, Juan Fernández de Simón Pérez, David García Díaz, Hugues Giboire, Chris Goodall, Jeff Goslan, Melanie Hall, Balázs Kalázdi, Melina Juergens, Jitaik Lim, Dominic Matthews, Joe Nelson, Stefano Prosperi, Mark Slater, Kirill Spiridonov, Matt Stoneham
DevelopersOwen Angell, Thomas Beckmann, Colin Chang, James Chicken, Kris Doggett, Gong Daizong, Robin Hansson, James Howard, Rik Joanmiquel, Michal Kwak, Alexander Litvinov, Steven Manship, Antony Marsden, Rebecca McCarthy, Francesca Mead, Alessio Mellina, Jon Millidge, Luke Murray, Craig Powell, Fabian Schouw, Cameron Shackleton, Jonathan Whicher, Peter Whiting, Stefan Zimecki
Music byDavid García Díaz, Andy LaPlegua
Additional MusicPassarella Death Squad, VNV Nation
Additional WritingElizabeth Ashman-Rowe (Professor)
Principal CastMelina Juergens (Senua), Steven Hartley (Shadow / Zynbel), Nicholas Boulton (Druth), Oliver Walker (Dillion), Ellie Piercy (Galena), Chipo Chung (Narrator)
FuriesHelen Goalen, Marc Graham, Abbi Greenland, Isabella Marshall, Sarah Ovens, Tom Penn, Becky White, Ed Wren
Stunt PerformersCali Nelle, Chloe Bruce
Concept WorkMark Molnar, Alex Taini, Stuart Adcock
Ninja Theory SupportChris Belton, Simon Bailey, Paige Thurston, Hayley Bayford, Donna Day, Karen Atkinson, Matthew Lawes
Ninja Theory DirectorsNina Kristensen, Wil Driver, Tameem Antoniades, Jeremy Sands (credited as Jez San OBE)
Professional ConsultantsPaul Fletcher (Professor), Hisham Ziauddeen (PhD), Charles Fernyhough (Professor), Elizabeth Ashman-Rowe (Professor)
Mental Heath AdvisorsMichael Lafond, Kathy Jones, Tracey Bartlett, Jenny Esson, Rachel Waddingham, Eoin Kelly, Nikki Mattocks
WellcomeIain Dodgeon, Tony Brasting
Content PartnersEpic Games, Marvellous Designer, Universally Speaking, Q‑Loc, 3Lateral, Vicon Motion Systems Ltd, Cubic Motion Ltd, Geomerics Ltd, nVidia, The Imaginarium, SIDE UK, Simplygon Studios, Allegorithmic, Speedtree
Special Thanks to the NinjasAaron McElligott, Aleksander Kirilenko, Alex Belezjaks, Alexandre Avenard, Alison Shaw, Anand Hotwani, Andrew Vidler, Andrew Knowles, Bao Ngoc Vu, Benoît Maçon, Chris Rundell, Dan Bavin, Daniel Crossland, Dan Sonley, Daniel Church, David Clifford, Dhana Frerichs, Dominic Pearce, Elinor Russell, Emeline Brunet, George Stamatiadis, Gerald Poon, Giacomo Frega, Guy Midgley, Henry Falconer, Jacob Feeley, James Wynn, Javier Dehesa, Jay Brindle, Jim Waters, Kevin Ua-wanapaksa, Lara Derham, Laurie Brown, Laurie Hedge, Marco Teixeira, Matthew Rose, Neil Irving, Neil Mannall, Nicole Dempsey, Niels Timmerman, Oliver Scott, Paul Clayton, Rahni Tucker, Roger Bennet, Scott Sturrock, Sergey Sitnikov, Stephen Stanyon, Tobias Noller, Toby Woolley, Tom Smith
Special ThanksRecovery College East, Voice Collective, University of Cambridge, Sweet Justice, Valiant Entertainment, Gayle Lynnes Ayres, Shahid Ahmad, Pete Giles, Ben Andac, Matthew Pellett, Saur Dash, Natalie Gausden, Brian Silva, Siorna Ashby, Kim Libreri, Vladimir Mastrovic, Gareth Edwards, Steve Caulkin, Michael Gay, Jo McLaren, Blanca Nunez Ibanez, Matt Nickerson, Artem Shchuiko, Mike Gamble, Dana Cowley, Vincent Van Moppes, Dianne Botham, Robert Hallinger, Jesse Noy, Vikki Wild, Andy Ray, All of our fans and supporters for making Hellblade possible!


WarningThis game contains representations of psychosis., People with experience of psychosis as well as professionals in psychiatry have assisted in these depictions., Some may find these depictions disturbing; including those two; themselves; may have had similar experiences., If you would like to find out more about psychosis and mental health difficulties visit:, This game also includes violent scenes that some may find distressing.

Tools, Licenses and Support

TechnologyEnlighten, Bink Video, Simplygon
Unreal ® engineCopyright © 1998-2017 Epic Games Inc., All rights reserved., Unreal ® is a trademark registered or trademark of Epic Games Inc. in the United States of America and elsewhere.
Hellblade© 2017 Ninja Theory Ltd., All rights reserved.
EnlightenThe Enlighten logo is a registered trademark of Geomerics Limited in the UK., All rights reserved.
Uses Bink VideoCopyright © 1997-2017 by RAD Game Tools Inc.
Uses Simplygon®Copyright © -2017 Donya Labs AB

Video Feature credits

Edited byMelina Juergens
Mental Heath AdvisersTracey Bartlett, Kathy Jones, Michael Lafond, Jenny Esson
Mental Heath ConsultantsPaul Fletcher (Professor), Charles Fernyhough (Professor)
Music byAndy LaPlegua, David García Díaz, Passarella Death Squad
Hellblade: Senua's Psychosis written byTameem Antoniades
Hellblade: Senua's Psychosis narrated byTameem Antoniades

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