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Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

A warning shown when starting the game.
Title screen
Main menu
Senua rowing in the game's introduction sequence.
Close-up of the protagonist
Senua looks back as she hears voices.
Early on, in the woods
Moving through the water towards a structure.
The game warns the player that failure may have consequences
Some gates require you to locate a rune first before you can progress.
These gates shift between illusions and reality.
Facing an enemy.
Valravn attempst to confuse you with too many symbols.
An important character, Druth, talks to Senua in one of her visions
A powerful strike, facing two opponents at once.
Senua delivers a finishing blow.
These symbols act as hints when you are locating a rune.
Escaping the fire in panic
Fighting Surtr, one of the bosses
A flashback to an earlier part of her life
On the bridge, fighting a way through.
Oh my. This is really creepy
Focus slows down time briefly to do a lot of damage.
Exploring the coast with many broken ships.
A vision in a flashback
Locate these runes to hear stories.
Lighting up the environment with a torch.
Senua in a pitch black darkness.
Inside a building, looking for a rune. Her arm shows the progress of the rot.
The art is amazing
Senua is in the woods.
Trying to solve a puzzle while being chased by something that you cannot even start to fight
She finds a new sword.
Blood splatters across the screen as damage is dealt.
Here the walls have hands.
Certain enemies can only be attacked when using focus.
Preparing for the finishing blow.
Your mother plays an important role and her face often appears in rock formations.
Another type of puzzle is to reconstruct elements of reality
A gate that requires runes.
Fighting a boss.
Senua at peace
A scene late in the game
Concept art from the video feature
Motion capture during the video feature