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Hellboy: Dogs of the Night Credits

74 people


Executive ProducerJean-Martial Lefranc
Art DirectorPhilippe Ulrich
Project LeaderChristian D'Amecourt
ProducerPhilippe Bayle
Playtesting ManagerJean-Luc Hadi
Localisation / TranslationChristophe Nguyen, Candice Pradeau
Graphics / ArtworkJosé Fouzar-Alcala

Cryo Studios North America

Developed byCryo Studios North America
Executive ProducerOlivier Lebourg
Game DesignJason Beck, Brian Blair, Dan Hamel, Olivier Lebourg, Dmitri Salcedo, Joshua Scurran, Garett Smith, Simon Strange, Mark Thurow
StoryOlivier Lebourg, Mike Mignola
DialogueOlivier Lebourg, Mike Mignola
Original ConceptYannick Bachelart, Bruno Galet, Olivier Lebourg, Laurent Ledru, Benoit Munoz
Level DesignJason Beck, Brian Blair, Dan Hamel, Dmitri Salcedo, Joshua Scurran, Simon Strange, Mark Thurow
Original DesignGarett Smith
ModelsJason Chappell, Scott Mayhew, Garett Smith
TexturesJason Chappell, Scott Mayhew, Garett Smith
Character AnimationScott Mayhew, Lee Williamson
InterfacePatrick Charpenet
Additional ArtJason Beck
Programming EngineEric Cha, Dmitri Salcedo, John Stenersen
Programming ToolsEric Cha, Dmitri Salcedo, John Stenersen
Windows VersionEric Cha, Dan Hamel, Dmitri Salcedo, John Stenersen, Greg Williams
SoundGilles Sivilotto
MusicGilles Sivilotto
Sound EffectsThierry Prost, Joshua Scurran
Based On the Hellboy Comic Book byMike Mignola
Produced byCryo
Published byCryo
Business Manager, Cryo Studios North AmericaHerve Garcia

Cryo France

CEOJean-Martial Lefranc
Artistic DirectorPhilippe Ulrich
General ManagerChristian D'Amecourt
Production DirectorPhilippe Bayle
Testing Service, Testing ManagerJean-Luc Hadi
Testing Service, Lead TestersSylvain Poully, Jean Claude Fernandes
Testing Service, Play TestersCédric Michéa, Pascal Merckhoffer, Régis Lenoir, Olivier Bailly, Frédérick Gaudel, Gregory Courdavault
Head of Legal DepartmentFrançois Breuillier
Purchasing DepartmentCarine Lapouméroulie, Bastien Lepetit (The Small)
Sales DepartmentXavier Steeg, Stéphane Grynszpan, Frédérique Barkoff, Laetitia Dufour
Press ServiceMélissa Conté, Nicolas Swiateck
LocalizationCandice Pradeau, Christophe Nguyen
Marketing DirectorMichel Mimran
Brand ManagerWilfrid Vinmer
Assisted byWandrille Pruvot, Nicolas Hembert, Bertrand Blanchenay
Graphic Studio, Artistic DirectorJosé Fouzar-Alcala
Graphic Studio, Artistic Director AssistantOdile Mousseau
Graphic Studio, DesignersIsabelle Gibier, Thomas Jardini
Graphic Studio, Art Booklet6AM

Cryo UK

General ManagerStuart Furnival
Sales ManagerMatthew Hill
PR ManagerMark Allen
Product ManagerAlan Wild

Cryo Germany

General ManagerPhilippe Rickenberger
Assisted bySophie
MarketingThorsten Moe, David Markwart, Olivier Daube

Cryo Netherland (Homesoft)

General ManagerHenk Hoogendorn
Marketing ManagerJan Faber
Product ManagerSaskia Burden

Cryo Northern Countries

No RoleKrister Malm

Cryo Spain

No RoleVirginia Torres-Gonzalez

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Credits for this game were contributed by retinadesgastada (353) and jean-louis (64005)

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