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Written by  :  Scott Monster (1009)
Written on  :  Jan 06, 2009
Rating  :  2.57 Stars2.57 Stars2.57 Stars2.57 Stars2.57 Stars

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Tedious and Disappointing.

The Good

This game takes some chances, but does not vary far from the Diablo formula that was established by Blizzard. It lets you play first person as well as third person view if you like to melee. The graphics are decent but not astounding. I bought it used for 3 bucks, so I never got to try the multiplayer. Odds are, you won't either since the servers will be shut down by Feb 2009.

A lot of effort was put in to ambient sound and the music was not intrusive. The character models were interesting and had quite a few body animations.

The bestiary was nice, but not huge. I have to admit, I found one creature, the Dunder Liche, to be an unusual construct.

Part of the fun was collecting and improving your gear. You have a lot of choices when it comes to allocating point skills too. There are occasional touches of humor that will surprise you like the "I HATE CRATES" bonus points awarded to you for smashing all the crates in a level.

The game also does a very good job of tracking your missions and quests. Its a system that works as well as in Diablo, if not slightly better.

The Random Treasure levels are very cool because they break up game play. The voice acting is sparse and mostly made of cockney accents making really odd comments. My favorite quote? "An Apple a Day keeps the doctor away, So eat anything that looks like an apple."

Its really cool when you stumble upon a rare item or weapon. Its easy to stockpile and augment your equipment to do more damage or provide more protection. There's always money around to get stuff with at the local store junctions.

And the beginning movie was really well done.

The Bad

Ok... Here's where I get serious.

The game has major balance issues. I created a melee character that just fights and fights and never really loses since I put all her points in healing points for killing. I just press forward and hold down the mouse button and the game plays itself. No strategy, no finesse, no thinking, no aiming. Just hold down the mouse button. Your swing radius far exceeds your sword, and you find taking down ariel creatures just as easy as their grounded counterparts.

You get to kill blobs. They don't move, they spit poison that misses and they throb like jelly. You stand there, holding the mouse button, swinging at glob of french vanilla pudding, until it dies and releases a level one set of britches. The 3rd set of level one britches you've found so far.

The other creatures? Zombies, Zombie Creators, fire breathing little dragons, albino minotar things with guns that were designed to miss.

The levels are all the same, using the same structures, buildings walls, paths and etc. Even hell is boring after the 3rd visit.

The missions vary from "Help those soldiers set up ground weapons" to "Find 12 goblin livers for a reward."

With the exception of the Museum level, there is no sense of challenge or danger. The Museum level is the best thing about this game and it indicates the true potential this game could've had.

And the In-game scenes are rendered with the engine and make absolutely no sense at all. It involves obscure dialogue, scenery changes that were supposed to be dramatic, but were just a different color palate switched.

There is no sense of accomplishment. No sense of adventure.

Just holding that damn mouse button down.

The Bottom Line

Boring and really disappointing.