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Hellgate: London Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Once there was a beginning... (Intro)
Hiding from a very big demon. (Intro)
Jessica - the main heroine. (Intro)
The title (Intro)
Multiplayer Main Menu
Loading Screen
Zombies - the rats of a RPG-SciFi-Scenario.
My little level 1 demon.
The skill tree of a summoner.
A Mantawraith pet.
Talking to a story quest giver.
You need to protect Murmur from the zombies.
My little demon does all the work.
Notice the neck of the zombie. It won't be there anymore in a minute.
These portals are used for transfer between all the locations.
The world map.
Walking down to the rail track.
The lobby for all the needs of a gamer (quests, merchants, other players).
Interacting with a NPC.
When you inspect a NPC you'll be told his background story.
If I had any resources I could upgrade that item at this station.
Checking for some better weapons at the merchant.
Lightning incoming.
Loot - the most important part of a RPG.
He looks like a zombie from Half-Life.
Only 48 levels to go.
You can fight in both 1st and 3rd person.
That's me. Yes, I'm dead. Thanks for the notice.
Displaying detailed information about my new weapon.
Quest completed and another level up. That's the way to go.
The outside looks like the inside: very gray.
A unique boss monster.
Plenty of loot to pick up.
They won't help anyone anymore.
That's one of the ways to limit a level.
It's a mee!
These portals are used as a fast way to the train station.
Working my way through some subway tunnels.
Fighting demons is hard work.
And there goes another one.
Steam effects (DirectX 10)
Explosion effects and physics gibs. (DX10)
Snow and distance blur (DX10)
Smoke effects (DX10)
Rain effects on Downing Street (DX10)
Moonlight reflection off building glass (DX10)
Light rays from underground (DX10)
Piccadilly Circus (DX10)
Nightmare fuel (DX10)
Through a Hellrift (DX10)