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Heretic Kingdoms: The Inquisition Credits

3D People

Core Team - Programming and scriptingJán Turán
Core Team - Design and visual supervisorMichal Macák
Core Team - Animations and PRPéter Nagy
Main Team ‑ GraphicsDušan Kerekeš
Support Team - Original storyKonstantin Lipatov, Vladimir Hala
Support Team - Additional artLukáš Jevčák, Martin Konečný
Very special thanks toAlena Kopková, Helmut Spohn (and family)
Special thanks toCuti, Strapo, Satan, Peto, our family and friends

Project 3 Interactive

Publishing Europe ‑ C.E.O.Robert Ercevic
Publishing Europe ‑ C.O.O.Erik Schreuder
Publishing Europe - Development & PRRaymond Snippe
Publishing Europe - HW Testing byPMTC
Publishing Europe - Games Testing QA ManagerTommy Goffin
Publishing Europe - Project LeaderKristof Vandebeek, Benny Duchateaux
Publishing Europe - Very special thanks to:Project 3 QA Team, Jim, Mike

International HOBO

Game Design & Script - Team LeaderChris Bateman
Game Design & Script - Main TeamNeil Bundy, Richard Boon
Game Design & Script - Support TeamUmran Ali, Brian Towlson

Clockwork Production

Music and SFXs - MusicSean Kolton
Music and SFXs - SFXBrian Youds


Localization co‑ordinationPartnertrans
Localization FranceStéphane Brel, Bruno Porret
Localization ItalyOrange Studio
Localization SpainGameLoc
Localization GermanyPartnertrans
Voice RecordingAllInTheGame
NarratorsTom Baker, Hans Gerd Kilbinger, Gérard Dessalles
Additional artworksBrainfactor Entertainment

Got Game Entertainment

Founder/CEOHoward Horowitz
Director of PR & MarketingBeverly Cambron (Rocco Media LLC)
PR & Marketing ConsultantMelanie Cambron
Packaging RedesignPeter Gifford (


Licensing ManagerJay Powell
Executive ProducerLloyd Melnick

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Credits for this game were contributed by Corn Popper (69281) and Riamus (8519)