Heroes of Might and Magic IV Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

The main menu
Campaign selection screen
Campaign details
A town
This hero has enough experience points for the next level. You then can choose what skill he should become better in.
The new isometric battle screen. Notice that the hero has a figure itself and can now be used in battle, not only for spellcasting. This means that he can be killed, too.
The battle has been won.
This is the hero details screen, as already known from HoMM3. It also contains his inventory and army.
The details of one of your units. This screen is nothing new, though.
Slaying some skeletons. Here, the hit stats are visible - it hurts a lot :)
The real deal: the world map screen which is also the screen where you will be the most time.
Look at those beautiful graphics! They are hand-painted, as in all Heroes games and they look absolutely perfect.
Taking a look through the magic eye
My hero is now a Level 5 General. Congratulations, Sir!
Here, two heroes meet on their way.