Heroes of Might and Magic V Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main menu
Battle (I managed to win it!)
View of the city
Godric on the map
Placing your units and getting ready for battle.
Meteor shower
Naadir the Necromancer
Outside the Necropolis
Creature info - Marksman
Inferno castle
War Dancer vs. Silver Unicorn
Pit Fiend casts fireball at Conscript.
A siege of the Sylvaen castle
Exploring the sea.
The gold mine is guarded by lots of mages.
When completing an objective, the player is sometimes rewarded with a little cut-scene.
Most cutscenes are very static...
... but some cut-scenes are very cinematic.
Sometimes the story is progressed on the main map.
A mage in action
An Academy town
The Dungeon towns are quite beautiful.
A Necropolis
A Sylvan town
Before each mission, there are 3 bonuses to choose from.
A battle at sea
The puzzle-map, each faction has its own (this is from the Dungeon faction).
Here you can see the the underground map.
The mighty Phoenix! The most powerful creature in HoMM 5.
I've got plenty of Archliches and I'm not afraid to use them!
View of the necropolis is stunning in its own right.
Gathering resources from the mill
The Archangel character data window and some pretty nifty animation.
Archers defeating elves
Title Screen
Haven campaign mission loading screen
Isabel is ready to face demons
Checking the hero and army info on the map
Battling demons in the dark caves
Breaching the castle walls
Sprites don't stand a chance against a dragon
Hiring creatures
Attacking an enemy castle with a demonic army
Assault on the castle in the desert
The desert world
Town structures tree
Talking to a dark elf
Cloning units in full count can be of great use if you have archers
Casting a Fireball spell