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Hexalot is a single player shareware strategy/puzzle game.

The story behind the game is based on King Arthur, ruler of Hexalot, and Merlin. Arthur was defeated in his last battle with the Saxons. All his jewels, his gold, and his crown were lost and most of the kingdom of the realm fell under Saxon rule. The player, as Merlin must lead the scattered Knights of the Round Table back to Hexalot and restore its wealth and glory. This task is achieved by placing magic crystals to guide the knights through the Saxon lands.

The game concept is simple. The game area is divided into hexagonal cells. Dotted around the area are destination castles, waypoint castles and knights. The player uses crystals to build bridges between the knights and the castles until all the knights have reached a destination castle. Once used a crystal bridge disappears and must be reconstructed. Points are scored for every cell that a knight crosses with some cells becoming treasure or bonus cells and thus generating more points when they are used.
That's the easy part, what makes the game progressively harder is that:
  • the crystals come in odd shapes
  • bridges must all be of the same coloured crystal
  • some game area cells will only accept crystals of a specific colour
  • a knight's route to a destination castle may be quite convoluted
  • some game cells can suddenly become poisonous and using them will incur a heavy penalty
There are two styles of game play, arcade and adventure. They are both essentially the same but in the arcade the game is timed, the player has just three lives, and crystals placed on the board disappear if they're not used in twenty seconds.

There is in-game music, a save/load feature, a high score table. The game is controlled entirely with the mouse.


Hexalot Windows Some crystals contain coins or treasures
Hexalot Windows As the levels become harder it becomes increasingly likely that the player will run out of time.
Hexalot Windows Level four sees the introduction of lots more colours and some universal gems
Hexalot Windows Level twenty one shows the developers are getting really serious. A significant number of bridges must be built in a specific order for each to reach the single destination castle

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Alternate Titles

  • "Гексалот" -- Russian Title

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