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Hidden & Dangerous Deluxe Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title Screen, with bump-mapping enabled.
Unguarded maintenance halls at the oil refinery at Bergamo. The silhouette is a friendly.
In the forest at Zelezna Vrata, after an emergency parachute drop.
By wearing civilian clothes one can walk past guards (Tactical planning/map Screen).
This is where it all begins ... Adda river
Damn Parachutes
First port of call, the bridge
Be sure to check a downed enemy for items and ammo
Campaign selection screen
Debriefing screen
Firing mounted machine gun
Inside villa
Interiors of drivable vehicles are modelled as well
Kill-Cam reveals enemy position
Killing an enemy
Mission briefing
Mission complete - Reinforcements has arrived
Mission selection screen
Planting explosives
Tactical screen - assigning some basic orders
Under heavy fire
Team setup
Truck ride
Taking down an enemy Tiger tank with Bazooka