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PC Joker (Jan, 2000)
Soundeffekte und Musikbegleitung sind klasse, die Sprachausgabe ist deutsch und das 3D-Szenario ausgereift - vor allem die Zwischensequenzen aus der Game-Engine sind wieder sehr sehenswert. Anders gesagt: ein Leckerbissen für alle begeisterten Besitzer des Hauptprogramms!
Those players who didn’t appreciate the innovations found in Hidden & Dangerous, or who fell prey to some of its shortcomings will no doubt find themselves in the pit of frustration once again with Devil’s Bridge. However, fans of the first product cannot go wrong with this add-on. Its visuals are extremely attractive; when combined with the larger environments, Devil’s Bridge easily becomes one of the best looking products on the market. Newly polished graphics, enhanced realism, and more complex missions may limit the Devil’s Bridge audience, but if you like squad-based action games and are looking for the ultimate in realistic combat, you should not hesitate to pick this one up, as it will not disappoint.
Power Unlimited (Feb, 2000)
Verplichte kost voor fans van Hidden & Dangerous. Je bent weer even zoet totdat H & D 2 uitkomt.
In afwachting van het vervolg op het grote succes van H&D worden we alvast warm gehouden met een missiepack. "Follow me..."
PC Jeux (Jan, 2000)
Add-on d'un bon jeu, Fight for Freedom commence à ressentir les outrages du temps.
GameStar (Germany) (Dec, 1999)
Fight for Freedom baut die Stärke des Hauptprogramms – die anspruchsvollen Missionen – weiter aus und wird noch taktischer. Leider haben die Designer an den Defiziten, namentlich der schwachen KI, kaum gefeilt. Immerhin kann ich nun endlich direkt während der Einsätze laden und speichern. Insgesamt ist Fight for Freedom eine empfehlenswerte Ergänzung für Fans des Originals.
Mein Gott, die Missionen sind ja noch kniffliger als beim Originalspiel! Gleich zu Beginn muss ein Gefangener befreit werden, was wohl nur den wenigsten Spielern auf Anhieb gelingt - und der Rest probiert halt recht häufig. Falls Sie noch nicht vom hohen Schwierigkeitsgrad von Hidden & Dangerous genug haben, finden Sie hier neues Knobelfutter - allerdings nicht allzuviel, denn in den drei Mini-Kampagnen warten gerade mal neun Missionen auf Sie. Allerdings wieder mit starker Atmosphäre und witzigen Ideen wie dem deutschen Düsenbomber am Anfang. Und die einzelnen Missionen haben die Designer mit einer netten Story verbunden.
PC Zone (Aug 13, 2001)
And, although the tactical interface could have done with an overhaul, and we will have to wait for the sequel for some decent head-to-head multiplayer options, Fight For Freedom offers more than enough for fans of the original game. If, however, you preferred the tactical edge of Rainbow Six or Rogue Spear, you'll find little here to sway your opinion. Quite simply, Fight For Freedom is more of the same brilliant and bugged gameplay; purely a set of extra missions that adequately cover the final months of WWII - which we won.
IGN (Feb 25, 2000)
Now here comes the strangest part of all -- I still like the game. While there are some major functionality snags, the gameplay is still remarkable. The game concept is damn exciting and the design is sound. In fact, it may be because the game seems like it could be so good that irritates me the most -- that and the fact that this is the second time the developers have had a chance to address these issues. That the game still suffers from many of the same shortcomings as the original is just careless. Still, the real worth of the game does shine through these failings. Whether or not you'll be able to put up with it depends on your patience...and you'll need a whole lot of it.
All in alt, DEVIL’S BRIDGE is a decent expansion, but only if you enjoy overly challenging action/strategy combos, tactical simulations. on are just a fan of H&D. If this doesn’t describe you. you’re better off burning this bridge behind you.
It will take a special kind of Hidden & Dangerous fan to overlook these issues and enjoy this add-on. There isn't much to enjoy, which is a shame given the great promise that a game like this one could offer.