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Higurashi Daybreak Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

From the intro: A box from the sky hits Rika in the head
Title screen with main menu
Character selection screen
The teams have been selected
Setting up a fight game
Keiichi & Mion vs Rika & Irie
Time to fight
Irie Beats the dust
Looks like my team won
Control options
Network options
Story mode intro: the after school club, here visited by Shion
Story mode team selection screen
Cut scene before a fight in story mode
Keiichi is getting his ass kicked by Satoko
I ran out of energy
Hyper mode
Beating Satoko with the golf club
Blue team won
After the battle
Loading screen
Fighting at the Furude shrine
Fighting at the garbage dump
I've been venomed by Takano
Mion is firing her watergun