Hired Team: Trial GOLD Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

You thought I was joking with that title screen story thing didn't you?
There is a brief intro movie of a warrior walking into a VR chamber.
The level descriptions are always an interesting read.
Killing that turkey Baster.
A battle. For reference, these shots were taken with the graphics options maxed out and brightness at the default level.
If you crank the brightness all the way down, the levels start to look normal.
Fighting over a domination control node.
The usual variety of weapons make an appearance.
Any resemblance to Quake III levels living or dead is purely coincidental.
In case the time honored Red and Blue thing is too confusing, friendlies also have a heart shaped thought bubble over their heads.
Scientists have said for years that space is curved but in the Hired Team world, we can see clearly that space is a box.
"Is it dead?" "I dunno. Kick it and see."
Escorting a bot carrying a flag (and boy, do they need escorting).
This is my flag. There are many like it but this one is mine.
Now where have I heard that before?
Wow! If this were The Sims, I could ask Cat to marry me.
Bot looks sad
bullet in the knee
Main Menu (PL)
I will kill him.
Blood fountain!
next victim in the pool
Deathmatch - I love it! :D