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Hitman 2: Silent Assassin Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

The game's opening movie: Boris' much more powerful brother and a mysterious Man In Black discuss Mr. 47's fate while watching his performance on tapes of the original game's final battle.
Mr. 47 begins the game as a humble gardener in the peaceful Gontranno Sanctuary, but circumstances will soon force him back to being the ol' killing machine we all know and love
Mafia stooges beware! It's the attack of the killer postman! You can always finish a level by shooting everything that moves, but since the name of the game is Silent Assassin you might want to try a more tactful approach
Your nemesis Don Guilliani is well guarded by several bodyguards including his psycho shotgun-wielding lawyer.
47's first assassination coming out of retirement, to kill a Russian general. Here, Mr. 47 snipes the target in the head from a building across the street. The proper way to carry out an assassination.
Here, Mr. 47 storms through the building's front door, runs into the meeting room, and hoses down everybody with an AK-47. The slopper way to do an assassination. Hmm... does the big Russian bear in the red vinyl coat look familiar to you?
Mr. 47 is sent to infiltrate an underground Russian military base. Sounds tough, until you realise you can disguise yourself as a Russian soldier and remain unmolested. Unless you start shooting people, of course.
It's your old CIA 'buddy' Agent Smith, who seems to constantly get himself captured, stripped, and tortured. Here, he's being held hostage by the General, who will kill him if you don't act quickly!
Here, let me help you with that necklace! Strangling people with the fibre wire is fun, but you need to sneak up on your target to do it. You probably want to concentrate on killing your target, rather than attacking random party guests, though.
One mission pits Mr. 47 against a competing assassin in the form of this powerful Spetznaz agent, who wants to kill the ambassador and steal his briefcase. You want to stop this, of course, so you can steal the briefcase for yourself.
Before each mission, the Agency provides you with a fairly unhelpful short video clip of your intended victim. Here, Hayamoto Jr. has a business lunch on an interesting 'table'
Mr. 47 blows away Hayamoto Jr., and soon discovers the famed Japanese hospitality does not extend to uninvited foreigners waving guns around
Be wery, wery quite! I'm hunting Ninjas! The Japanese Snow Level valleys are annoying devoid of anything except snow, ninjas, and combat. I thought IO promised us no more Columbia-style missions?
Mr. 47 once again runs into Lei Ling from the original game, the first and only woman he's ever kissed. Once again she's stuck hanging around bad company. Oh, the kung-fu fightin' ninjas are pretty cool too.
Your primary target in Japan, Hayamoto Sr., is actually quite nimble for an old guy. Of course, you can always stop trying to fight fair and whip out a submachine gun to ventilate him.
Mr. 47 has a special delivery for this l33t h4Xor Warezd00d, Charlie Sidjan. That's what you get when you cross the ISDA.
Your second Malaysian target, Charlie Sidjan number 2, is guarded by a bevy of bikini-clad, magnum-wielding babes. But you probably already knew that.
The Ak-47 wielding guards of Nuristan, Afghanistan are surprisingly tolerant of suspicious bald Caucasians, as long as they don't start waving guns around. BTW, the dude Mr.47 just mowed down ain't Saddam, just a look-alike.
The local warlord, your primary target, is inside a bulletproof limo protected by heavily armed UN Troops. Shooting at the Blue Helmets gets you an automatic game over, but that was under the previous political climate.
With the warlord dead, all you have to do now is assassinate his second-in-command by breaking into his heavily guarded underground bunker. All in a day's work for a genetically augmented clone.
Mr. 47 makes trouble inside a Gurdwara temple in Punjab, India. The rather upset inhabitants were originally supposed to be Sikhs, but for reasons of political correctness the game now refers to them as generic cultists.
Mr. 47 gets an appointment with his intended victim, Dr. Von Kamprad, by pretending to be one of her patients. If you look out the window, the Hospital island looks almost exactly like the one from Jame Bond's Die Another Day
Hospital Island itself looks almost exactly like the Golden Temple, Sikhism's most important shrine and the site of a real life massacre in 1984. The Sikh community was rather upset about Eidos letting Mr. 47 just walk in and start shooting people.
Mr. 47 always wanted to be a surgeon! Dewanna Ji, the cult leader, puts up about as much resistance as you would expect from an unconcious geezer in a hospital gown. Killing him is easy, it's getting away with it that's the tricky part.
47's gun collection is always a pretty sight, especially when he needs something to deal with a few pesky unwanted intruders. Just choose quickly, you're getting shot at you know.
More scantily clad gals with guns. Dead or Alive + Mr. 47 = Dead. Period. Necrophilics only need apply.
And of course, here's an obligatory screenshot of Mr. 47 recreating the lobby shootout scene from the Matrix.
Agent 47 found his brother 17.
Highest rank!
The car bomb is very powerful equipment.
The general drinks poisoned champagne and... now he is off to barf!
He will not escape with the helicopter!
I plan a mission with the custom Sniper Rifle.
Main menu
Agent 47 is back with his two best friends
Planning the infiltration
This could be my getaway car
Avoiding enemy patrols by moving through the sewers
Disguised as one of the soldiers
Map will show you all the enemy soldiers in the area
Silent approach with a crossbow through the cover of the night
Using binoculars to check the guard towers
Ninja guard is right above me... but he doesn't know I've spotted him
Familiar character from previous game
Loading screen