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atari mania
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User Reviews

Close, but no cigar Giu's Brain (543) 2.86 Stars2.86 Stars2.86 Stars2.86 Stars2.86 Stars
Stealth and deception are your most useful weapons. Dave Schenet (138) unrated
Bitchin'! MrSuperGod (58) 3.86 Stars3.86 Stars3.86 Stars3.86 Stars3.86 Stars
Please, sir, may I have some more? JPaterson (9541) 3.71 Stars3.71 Stars3.71 Stars3.71 Stars3.71 Stars
Takes the incredibly cool Walther 2000 sniper rifle and shoots itself squarely in the foot. Zovni (10627) 2.86 Stars2.86 Stars2.86 Stars2.86 Stars2.86 Stars
A new quality of aggression. -Chris (7764) unrated
Excellent ideas but badly executed Aapo Koivuniemi (46) unrated
Impossible and frustrating Lance droy (5) 2.43 Stars2.43 Stars2.43 Stars2.43 Stars2.43 Stars
Awesome game James1 (244) unrated
Challenging, yet replayable Madrox (2) 3.71 Stars3.71 Stars3.71 Stars3.71 Stars3.71 Stars

Our Users Say

Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the voice or video acting. 3.5
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 3.6
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 3.8
Graphics The visual quality of the game 3.8
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 3.7
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.7
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 3.8
Overall User Score (104 votes) 3.7

Critic Reviews

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Imagine our surprise when we installed it just after finishing off the last of the turkey only to discover one of the coolest and most absorbing games we've played all year. Even more surprising, we love the game despite its myriad minor, but annoying, flaws. It has an awkward camera setup; the map function is useless; the AI drops out at times; and it has a ruthless game dynamic that demands players replay the same levels seven or eight times to get them right -- with no in-game save. Yet getting it right and pulling off the perfect contract is so fun, so vastly cool, that even our PCs didn't want us to stop playing.
Electric Playground (Apr 26, 2004)
Ultra-realistic environmental physics, a cool dude in an Armani suit, and a single shot to the head are all you need to play one of the most original third person titles ever.
Da Gameboyz (Jul 08, 2004)
This game is a keeper. Since the first day I received it I've loved every minute of it. The wonderful, colourful graphics, the realistic and well-suited sounds, and the game's challenging difficulty make it great. Hitman Codename 47 deserves a Player's Choice Award, there's no doubt in my mind. If you get the chance, definitely download the demo and try it out. I'm sure you'll love it.
Oldies Rising (Mar 15, 2010)
Hitman est un jeu d’un genre nouveau, proposant une infiltration absolument anti-linéaire dans un univers amoral, réaliste et fouillé. Le titre est loin d’être exempt de défauts, mais son gameplay si grisant et son atmosphère si exceptionnelle (les musiques, parbleu !) le rendent passionnant de l’installation à la dernière seconde. Un jeu exigeant, mais ambitieux et totalement abouti.
Absolute Games (AG.ru) (Nov 27, 2000)
После такой игры каждый сто раз подумает, прежде чем что-то сказать, будет предельно вежлив с окружающими, и никогда, н-и-к-о-г-д-а не зайдет в лифт с интеллигентным бритым мужиком со штрих-кодом на затылке. А я... я знаю, на что теперь дружно скинутся фанаты квейков и анрилов. Но это профессиональный долг. Прощайте.
Svenska PC Games (Jan, 2001)
Ett ovanligt lyckat och krävande spel där grafik, ljud och gameplay närmar sig det perfekta. Det har aldrig förut varit så roligt att vara en så skoningslös mördare.
Hitman: Codename 47 é um emocionante game de ação em terceira pessoa. Você é um destemido matador de aluguel treinado para executar missões extremamente complexas. O soldado ideal, aprimorado com a mais avançada engenharia genética. Mas como? Na verdade, ele é um clone criado pela máfia, com o objetivo de realizar serviços específicos. Isso explica a existência de um código de barras em sua cabeça.
GamersHell.com (Nov 27, 2000)
I think everyone with some Commandos and SoF experience should at least try this! It has very sweet action, and some really deep strategy. This will keep you up for days, some missions are extremely hard, so you will have to retry them again and again and think of new strategies. As soon as i am done writing this review i will go back to where I left off in Hitman because it really got me hooked, im in the jungle right now, and i keep dying :)
Hitman: Codename 47 gehört für mich zu den zehn besten Spielen aller Zeiten. Gut, es ist nicht perfekt und es ist bestimmt auch nicht jedermanns Geschmack, aber es hat mich beeindruckt. Manchmal war es mir schon fast zu realistisch. Seit mich in Rotterdam ein Zug überrollt hat, geht mein Auftragskiller nur noch nach einem Blick nach links und rechts über die Gleise. Es gibt so viele kleine Sachen zu entdecken, dass es sogar schon Spaß macht, durch die Levels zu laufen, ohne die gestellten Aufgaben zu verfolgen. Stirb Langsam? Kinderkram!
Gameplay (Benelux) (Oct 30, 2000)
Hitman is een absolute openbaring in zijn genre en zal veel spelers voor het 'third person' perspectief winnen.
PC Games (Germany) (Dec, 2000)
Zynismus hin, Brutalität her: Hitman ist eines der fesselnsten und originellsten Spiele der letzten Jahre. Die Highend-Optik macht das Spiel zum absoluten Hingucker, noch faszinierender allerdings ist das offen strukturierte Missionsdesign, das dem virtuellen Killer größtmögliche Freiheit beim Ausbaldowern und Durchführen seiner Aufträge lässt.
Pelit (Jan, 2001)
Hitmanissa on lööppiainesta. Jos tällaisia pelejä ei olisi, ikärajoja ei olisi ikinä keksittykään.
PC Zone (Aug 13, 2001)
Still, Hitman more than makes up in style for what it lacks in moral integrity. It's the first game in recent history to recreate all the violent beauty of Luc Besson's Leon. If Deus Ex is pure Hollywood excess, Hitman is modern French cinema at its finest (that's a good thing, by the way). I haven't come across a game this addictively playable since Hidden & Dangerous. On the plus side, Hitman isn't nearly as bugged. And it's far cooler. In fact, it would be fair to say there hasn't been a cooler central game character in years. For that reason alone it's worth your 30 quid.
Gamers Europe (Mar 27, 2002)
Can atmosphere, stealth and action be a successful mix in a game? Hitman Codename 47 thinks so.
Power Unlimited (Dec, 2000)
Een opmerkelijk origineel en boeiend spel dat echter een beetje gebukt gaat onder kinderziektes. met name de controles en de AI hadden meer aandacht verdiend. Toch heb ik heel wat spannende uurtjes beleefd met deze game die je ongetwijfeld bij de keel grijpt.
Miasto Gier (Oct 24, 2006)
Świetny pomysł solidnie opakowany – dobra grafika i bardzo klimatyczna muzyka (stworzona przez Jaspera Kyda zresztą) budują znakomity klimat. Ze spraw bardziej technicznych warto wspomnieć o przejrzystym i przyjaznym interfejsie, który zawiera właściwie wszystko co powinien, a w dodatku podręczny radar ułatwia nawigację w czasie misji. Także sterowanie nie jest czymś skomplikowanym. Każdy szybko je opanujesz, przyzwyczaisz się i polubisz. Brak tu żadnych udziwnień, co niewątpliwie także trzeba zaliczyć na plus. Naprawdę warto wcielić się w Hitmana, choć niektórym może przeszkadzać fakt, iż czasami autorzy nie wiedzieli, na co się zdecydować, serwując graczowi miejscami typową grę akcji, jednakże są to dość sporadyczne przypadki.. Niemniej jednak – warto.
FiringSquad (Dec 11, 2000)
Oddly enough, despite the loss of a good control system, and other issues, this game still gets a nod in our book. We got past the shortcomings in this game to really enjoy the unique gameplay that Hitman had to offer. If you can get past the issues, we're sure most of you will probably find this game just as entertaining as we did.
ComputerGamers.com (Jan 03, 2001)
Still, while these flaws in the game do detract from the overall effect, they cannot seriously slow down what is a very well done and enjoyable game. As with Thief, if you like hack and slash and open gunfights, this one isn’t for you. If you are a fan of brains over brawn, where a little strategy goes a long way, then this one maybe the sleeper hit you have been looking for.
The stealth, strategy and action elements gel pretty well and give Hitman enough pace to keep things interesting most of the time. This is well worth a look - just don't expect the depth, interactivity and relative freedom of choice of Deus Ex.
CD-Action (Feb, 2001)
Oczywiście chodzi o to, by kogoś wykończyć. Hitman: Codename 47 nie jest jednak grą, w której biegasz z wywalonym jęzorem i pepeszą w łapie, krzycząc tratata! To świetna gra akcji w konwencji TPP.
Eurogamer.net (UK) (Dec 12, 2000)
Despite these problems though, Hitman is a fantastic title that dares to be a bit different. It's not an easy game, and there are no mid-level saves, which means running through parts of a mission you have already completed can get frustrating, but you do get the option of a few continues if you get gunned down mid-mission. But I love it - the challenge, the atmosphere, the blood. It's not without its problems, and most glaringly it is rather short, so if you are a value for money freak you had best steer clear. But for those of you that like a challenging short sharp shot to the head, Hitman will definitely do the job.
Clubic (Dec 12, 2000)
Pour vous donner quelques indications, je dirais malgré tout que ce titre ne plaira pas aux néophytes à cause de sa difficulté très élevée. Mais il ne plaira pas non plus aux accros de la liberté d'action, puisque comme je l'ai déjà dit, il n'y a, le plus souvent, qu'une seule solution possible. Cependant, les missions sont variées, l'aspect technique très agréable et l'ensemble suffisamment immoral pour plaire au voyou qui sommeille en chacun de nous. Si le fait de devoir trouver le bon enchaînement et pour ça vous y reprendre à plusieurs fois ne vous effraie pas alors allez-y ! Vous ne serez pas déçus !
Gamezilla (Jan 23, 2001)
Though far from an instant classic, Hitman is a decent (and bloody gruesome) game, that makes the most of graphical quality while not being tremendously complex, story-wise. Perhaps this will be repaired with freely downloadable mission packs, but it’s a better bet that you’ll have to pay another twenty bucks for more missions. If you’re the sort to power through a mission-oriented game like this in one restless night, and that’s worth the money for you, then get it. But if you’re looking for a long-lasting thrill or something so addictive that will make you go days without sleep or food, then you should probably look elsewhere.
Imperium Gier (Oct 10, 2001)
Ogólnie mam wobec Hitmana bardzo mieszane uczucia. Z jednej strony - rewelacyjny pomysł (aż dziw bierze, że nikt go wcześniej nie wykorzystał) i godne Oscara wykonanie, zarówno pod względem grafiki jak i zaprojektowania fabuły, z drugiej strony bardzo psujące grę szczegóły w stylu niemożności sejwowania, czy też niespodziewanie małej ilości misji w grze. Podobnie jak w wypadku dema, pełna wersja Hitmana sprawia wrażenie znienacka ukończonej, zupełnie jakby projektantom poziomów nagle przesunięto deadline i musieli zakończyć prace w połowie tego co zamierzali. Miejmy nadzieję, że mission pack wyjdzie wkrótce, bo to wstyd, żeby zmarnował się tak dobry pomysł.
JeuxVideoPC.com (May 22, 2006)
Le savoir faire d’Eidos en terme de jeux d’action/aventure n’est plus à prouver, tant on sait à quoi s’attendre avec les excellents Tomb Raider. Ici, ce sont les danois d’Io Interactive qui remettent le couvert. Cette fois-ci, fini les formes généreuses et la sensibilité de la belle Lara : on reste dans le même style de jeu, mais en beaucoup plus froid et sérieux.
Game Vortex (Feb 03, 2003)
Hitman: Codename 47 is a hard game. It's not for the faint of heart, both because of the realism and the level of challenge. In-level saves would have helped eliminate some of the tension. As such, for those of you who are willing to devote days to a game to get past a single area, Hitman: Codename 47 is a winner. It's got style, fun, and a hell of a challenge. But for the more casual gamers out there, you may want to steer clear of the steep vertical curve of Hitman's difficulty.
GameSpy (Dec 12, 2000)
Hitman does what it set out to do excellently. Don't let the steep learning curve throw you; you'll have a great time.
Gamesmania.de (Dec 08, 2000)
Auch wenn manche Hitman als moralisch verwerflich betrachten werden: Es ist einfach ein teuflischer Spaß, den wohl coolsten Geheimagenten seit den Men In Black bei der Erfüllung seiner fragwürdigen Einsätze zu begleiten. Leider hält diese atmosphärische Dichte nur einige Stunden vor, denn die zahlreichen Schwächen im Spielablauf und der geharnischte Schwierigkeitsgrad sorgen in späteren Leveln oftmals für milde Enttäuschungen und blanken Frust. Schade, denn mit etwas mehr Zeit für den Feinschliff hätte aus Hitman ein Programm vom Kaliber eines Deus Ex werden können. Spieler mit dem Sinn für das Makabere dürfen dennoch mehr als nur einen flüchtigen Blick riskieren.
This is a tough game to call. On the one hand, the missions are fantastic, the city environments are gorgeous, and the toys come in a wide variety. On the other side of things, control gets pretty awkward at times and solid objects have a nasty habit of going ectoplasmic. Both Kristian and I fell through an elevator on the first stage, which required us to restart the level, and I ended up getting into a gun battle with a police officer who had somehow managed to meld with a brick wall. The missions offer a lot of challenge, but the fact that bugs like these tend to make things even more difficult hurts the overall enjoyment of the game. A junior tester ought to have found these in the first few hours of play. Despite this, I probably played the game just a little bit longer than I should have and I didn't mind playing through hits several times before I got it right.
Wenn ich der Hitman wäre, würde ich als allererstes nach England gehen und den Eidos-Verantworlichen einen Besuch abstatten. Wie konnte man dort nur darauf bestehen, dieses engagierte Produkt schon jetzt zu veröffentlichen, obwohl es doch ganz offensichtlich noch nicht ausgereift ist? Wer sich die Mühe macht, extra für sein Produkt eine eigene Grafik-Engine zu entwickeln, hat eine bessere Behandlung verdient. Noch dazu, wenn diese Engine Landschaftsgrafik besser und lebendiger darstellt als alles andere. Mit Warren Spector, John Romero und Ion Storm hätte man sich so etwas nicht erlaubt. Trotzdem macht mir Hitman wesentlich mehr Freude als die meisten anderen Programme in dieser Ausgabe - endlich mal ein Charakter, mit dem ich mich uneingeschränkt identifizieren kann.
Hitman is zo'n game waar je binnen de kortste keren van houdt of een gloedhekel aan krijgt.
Game Over Online (Dec 07, 2000)
Now, this is a game with a lot of potential. I don't know about the rest of you, but the idea of playing as a hitman got me pretty excited. I'm a big fan of using stealth and being able to approach situations from a number of different angles. Hitman does a commendable effort at using this theme in a wide variety of missions and locals. Although more often than not the missions involve killing somebody important, each mission has different gameplay mechanics depending on the locale.
Gry OnLine (Jan 03, 2001)
Mimo tego, wszystkim tym, którym podobał się Deus Ex, Thief czy SWAT3 - polecam gorąco HITMANa. Świetny klimat, wspaniała grafika, możliwość wielu kombinacji, filmowe wstawki i zaskakujące zakończenie postawiły tą grę na honorowym miejscu w mojej kolekcji. A co do przyszłości - mam nadzieję, że już wkrótce zobaczymy na rynku jakiś miły mission pack, jeśli pochlebne opinie dotrą do ekipy z Danii. Co z drugiej strony nie jest takie pewne, bo jak sami napisali na zakończenie gry - udali się na wakacje. W pełni zasłużone, moim zdaniem...
Jeuxvideo.com (Dec 19, 2000)
Pourtant l'ambiance est bonne dans Hitman, les décors sont splendidement reconstitués avec plein de détails et d'éléments interactifs. Les ennemis possèdent des animations réalistes tout comme leur intelligence artificielle, Hitman encore plus et l'atmosphère qui règne dans le jeu respire la mort et la précision du tueur à gages. Une ambiance confortée par les cinématiques ou encore le scénario qui est complexe, très long et vous réservera plein de surprises. Techniquement très bien conçu, les erreurs de gameplay et les quelques problèmes d'IA rencontrés ici ou là ne gacheront certainement pas le plaisir, se contentant juste de vous énerver ou de vous ralentir.
PC Gamer (Mar 01, 2001)
Hitman had the potential to be one of the best action games ever, but some serious game-design failures and short-sightedness end up dragging it down. There's some incredible stuff here, but it's chronically frustrating to get at it, and your patience will be stretched to the limit. Let's just hope we see a sequel that will allow Hitman to become the incredible property that it should be.
Game Revolution (Dec 01, 2000)
Hitman: Codename 47 retails for around 30 bucks - the going price for most Playstation 2 memory cards. While Hitman isn't a perfect game, it's great fun and very nice to look at and more than worth your 3000 pennies. Eidos should just stick with subterfuge-style espionage games. They're certainly on a roll with Deus Ex and now Hitman: Codename 47. I wonder what ever happened to that British chick?
IGN (Nov 30, 2000)
I was considering an exciting new career change before I played this game...
Gamekult (Dec 07, 2000)
Hitman ne risque pas de faire l'unanimité : trop dur, pas maniable et buggé, voilà qui est normalement suffisant pour renvoyer un jeu dans les limbes. Et pourtant... Si on réussit à faire abstraction de ces défauts, on découvre un jeu dont les mécanismes et le moteur physique sont extrêmement réalistes, si réalistes qu'ils le rendent passionnant. Et comme le scénario est bien ficelé et la durée de vie impressionnante (forcément, en recommençant vingt fois le même niveau...), on se dit que finalement on a raté de peu le jeu incontournable. Un très bon jeu, mais réservé à un très petit nombre.
ActionTrip (Dec 07, 2000)
Very well, not all is that bad. As I mentioned before, the visuals sound effects and gameplay concepts are great, yet the length of the game will surely make this product less popular than other FPS sneaker games like NOLF and the Thief series.
GameZone (Dec 14, 2000)
The violence is a little excessive. The mouse-keyboard controls are convoluted and will have you, initially, stabbing at the escape key to pause the program while you figure out what keys you need to be hitting. And there are flaws which have resulted in a patch being delivered less than 10 days after the product was released. All that aside, this game still has some firepower. It is a nice blend of first-person shooter action with brain teasers. While the missions are more or less laid out for you, there is still a lot that you have to figure out in order to succeed. In this program it comes down to one of two things – kill or be killed. If that scenario appeals to you, and you are not deterred by graphic violence, this may be the type of game you are looking for.
Glide Underground (Mar 16, 2001)
The lack of any replay value or multiplayer aspects really brings this game down. The game is great for the first time but after that it's all repetitive. Hopefully an expansion or free download will be released addressing these problems and adding to the overall score.
Regardless of your skill level, Hitman: Codename 47 is innovative and refreshing both in its presentation and subject matter. Nowhere else is the thrill of Mafia-style hits portrayed in such a graphic manner. If you are looking for an action title, but are getting tired of playing rehashes on the Quake formula, look no further than the generic assassin wearing a barcode on his head.
Svenska PC Gamer (Jan, 2001)
Allt pekar på att spelet släpptes lite väl tidigt. Det går rykten om att Eidos pressade på riktigt hårt framåt slutet och tvingade IO Interactive att lämna ifrån sig en halvfärdig produkt. Om detta stämmer kan jag inte svara på, men med tanke på hur buggigt spelet är verkar det inte helt otänkbart. Det sorgliga är att spelet kunde ha varit ett av det bästa som släppts detta år. Utvecklarna har haft en riktigt bra idé och stora delar av spelet är verkligen av högsta klass. Tyvärr går det inte att rätta till alla problemen med patchar. Jag har svårt att tro att IO Interactive kan släppa en patch som dubblar antalet uppdrag, vilket skulle behövas. Om du letar efter en annorlunda upplevelse och står ut med alla problem och den korta speltiden är dock Hitman ett bra val. Spelet bygger på en god idé. Nu saknas det bara en bra produkt som bygger på idén.
Hitman will build you up with impressive-looking environments, then disappoint with poorly implemented controls and awkward cutscenes. The game itself is an overall step in the right direction for the newly emerging lone-assassin type genre, but there are always problems with shelling out some good change to play a game that, in six months, will likely be seen as a stepping stone.
GameSpot (Nov 28, 2000)
Even if you like the basic premise and action of the game, a number of very serious flaws quickly sap its entertainment value.
It’s too bad HITMAN has the problems it does because otherwise it’s a highly original, very stylish, and quite visually satisfying piece of computer entertainment. If HITMAN 2 adds an in-mission save and polishes the Al, I’d play it. But until then, HITMAN: CODENAME 47 sleeps with the fishes.
Edge (Dec 28, 2000)
Unfortunately IO Interactive will have to take its good ideas back to the drawing board. Hitman is not the game it should have been. Despite lofty aspirations, it’s ultimately frustrating to play
The Game Hoard (Apr 30, 2022)
Some moments like the intricate killing job in Budapest really show what Hitman: Codename 47 was going for, the clever and professional Agent 47 really able to strut his stuff in a level built around puzzle solving and its ties to stealth. However, many stages face problems as detection issues can completely sabotage genuinely good play and lead to a frustrating level restart due to the game’s often unforgiving mission design. If you do want to be more brazen and go for a firearms focused approach you’ll find the controls a bit sloppy and the action rather clunky for it, and since the game will force you into it at times it’s unavoidable you’ll run into some of the problems with its firefight design. Conceptually a lot of the contract kills have some neat setups that are satisfying if they go the right way without anything going awry, but the game’s technical problems are a constant saboteur that isn’t accounted for in the game design.

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