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You've Got Mail. And more importantly, a contract from the Agency. From the laptop display, you can get your maps, target information, and order up some more firepower.
Some Assembly Required. On assignments with only one target, the sniper rifle comes in handy. It even folds down to fit in a convenient, innocent-looking suitcase.
Death from Above. Once alerted, the enemy will often come down in force, using everything from heavy weapons to helicopters to put you away.
Since you won't be needing these... Silently taking down an opponent often has the added bonus of allowing you to don their outfits. Just remember to hide their body somewhere, like this sewer.
Not everyone is out to kill you, as this thankful former damsel in distress tries to prove with a good-bye kiss.
Ammo!!! Firefights are very costly in terms of bullets, health, and your most important possession...the element of surprise.
Flashbacks of 'Nam. Though not an uninteresting level, one does wonder what a hitman is doing in a Central American jungle.
On the roof with a sniper rifle, a clear view of the park, and a bead on your target's shiny little head. The proper way to carry out an assassination.
A frontal assault puts you up against more than a dozen Uzi packing guards as well as an assault helicopter. The slopper way to carry out an assassination.
Rieper admires the fishies, while a lady admires Rieper. A shame he doesn't prefer women.
Dual berettas in hand, Hitman thinks he's John Woo. Lee Hong's bodyguards would tend to disagree.
Green is not Rieper's preferred color. He much prefers arterial red.
The Hitman follows a waiter into the bathroom and does his dirty little business. I guess he got tired of getting his plate taken away before he was finished.
47 confronts Lee Hong, the first of the boss-like Five Fathers. Lee Hong might have a sword, but 47's got an Uzi. Guess who wins?
Deep within the Columbian jungle, the Hitman battles Drug Lord Pablo Ochoa's personal army
The Hitman explores ancient Mayan ruins for an entrance to Pablo's compound
The Hitman feeds a pig (of the human variety) to the Uwa Jungle God, aka a very large Jaguar
Hitman in a boss battle again Father #2, the cocaine-fueled, superhuman Drug Lord Pablo Ochoa and his little friend... an M60 mounted machine gun
Rieper goes on a killing spree inside the Budapest Thermal Bath Hotel. I guess no TV and no beer makes Hitman go crazy.
Duke Nukem would be proud. Of course, that's not necessarily a GOOD thing.
Conditioned to be a soulless instrument of death, the Hitman recoils from sexuality. That doesn't make him any less of a man, however. Women are still dead tired when he's through with them.
Hitman prepares to re-enact the Psycho shower scene with Father #3, Franz Fuchs. Calm down, he's wearing a thong. On second thought, panic.
While in Rotterdam, Rieper helps himself to some of that infamous Northern European hospitality. Ah, the land where hard drugs are free as God intended, and sex workers are subsidized by the government.
The Hitman can't always kill those pesky guards. Sometimes he will need to use more subtle distractions (if you can call a half naked exotic dancer pole dancing a light post subtle)
In his most difficult mission ever, the Hitman goes up against Boris' army of all-star international terrorists
47 confronts Father #4, International arms dealer Boris, aboard the deck of his ship
Within the sinister Asylum, the Hitman does battle with an aggressive SWAT team determined to put an abrupt end to his career
Druglord Meets the Minigun
The family reunion: Mr. 47, meet Mr. 48... and Mr. 48... and Mr. 48...
Dr. Ort-Meyer, I presume? Say hello to your prodigal son and his friendly minigun
Agent 47 bring their lost idol.
Agent 47 free agent Smith
Agent 47 powerful brothers!
Agent Smith tell to agent 47 truth!
Plane crash!
Professor, who breed agent 47!
Blood - Game Over
Target - Chief of police
Tutorial's end. Time to kill this guy
Dinner for sewers rats

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  • Hitman: Codename 47 Screenshot
  • Hitman: Codename 47 Screenshot
  • Hitman: Codename 47 Screenshot
  • Hitman: Codename 47 Screenshot
  • Hitman: Codename 47 Screenshot