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Hitman: Contracts Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen.
Unlocked weapons can be used for training.
Each level has a specific loading screen.
Woah, what happened here? Lots of dead clones.
I am a handsome man, aren't I?
This guy really is a mental case.
Disguised as a cop, I have better protection...
... and other cops won't shoot at me.
Silent Assassin is the highest rank you can get, and it takes a bit of skill.
Dressed as a butcher, I'll be allowed into the party, with a meat hook as a weapon.
Hmm... lovely place to host a celebration party.
I can put a gun inside the chicken to get it past security.
A rave... perfect place to shoot someone, as the music will drown out the muzzle blast.
Now, this truly is a fat bastard.
Well, I found the girl. Bad news, though...
Even in thick snow, the guards can still spot you.
Climbing ladders can be noisy, but critical.
A little laxative in the soup will send him to the bathroom, into the waiting end of my gun.
What a terrible way to be killed... on the toilet.
You can view a picture of your target(s), and a brief description.
Taking the tram to the Commander; hope no one finds out the real soldier is dead.
Choking the Commander as he pours a Vodka is the best way to kill him.
Well, that submarine is no more.
You can also view a detailed description of your current mission.
I think Mr. 47 is a voyeur... or is it me?
The inventory is circular, and you can cycle through everything, from weapons to poison to items.
You can replay any mission you've completed...
... and take whatever items you want the second, or third, or fourth, or etc. time around.
Night vision is useful in the dark, but completely eliminates the rest of your view.
The map is in real-time, and shows you enemies, targets, captives, friendlies, and even animals.
Agent 47 walks around and sees a ghost!
Agent 47's father's death!
Everything can be a weapon.
Silent kill
Little incident
You can use a car bomb to kill your target.
You can suffocate a target with a pillow.
Drowning a target in a thermal bath.