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Attack of the Fanboy (Jan 19, 2021)
Hitman 3 is the ultimate murder simulator. Now that the World of Assassination trilogy is finally complete, there's no excuse to not play Hitman. In order to truly appreciate the game's intricacies, you have to commit to replaying levels, attempting challenges, and testing out new strategies. However, if you put in the time, you'll be treated to one of the most engaging and rewarding stealth experiences in all of gaming.
Hitman is a world made up entirely of Chekhov’s guns, and it’s a blast finding out how to get Agent 47 into position to pull the trigger.
Player 2 (Jan 19, 2021)
Hitman 3 in many ways feels like the culmination of everything that IO has learned over their long history with Agent 47. This is a team that is confident in their product, sure in the knowledge that there is no other game out there that scratches this particular itch. Every level, every detail, every NPC shows the development team is working at their peak, crafting everything with a deft touch and a sure hand. Granted, Hitman games are not for everyone and this title won’t change those minds, but for those that enjoy what is on offer, this is the best it has ever been. If we never see Agent 47 again (though I doubt that) this would be the perfect swansong for one of gaming’s true icons, a finale worthy of an epic like no other. Well done IO, well done.
VG247 (Jan 19, 2021)
Taken individually, Hitman 3 feels like great value, with plenty of variety and lots to do. When taken as a whole, the World of Assassination trilogy is hands-down one of the best and most complete-feeling trilogies in video game history. It’s a fitting finale for 47 – at least for now – and it has naturally left me thrilled to see what IO does with James Bond or whatever else comes next. It might only be January – but I can pretty much guarantee this will end the year as one of my 2021 favourites.
Noisy Pixel (Jan 19, 2021)
Hitman 3 builds on the structure of its predecessors but doesn’t recycle old mechanics. Its creative sandbox systems encourage multiple playthroughs with possible outcomes only limited by your imagination. Returning fans will get the most of this narrative as it ties up a few loose ends but doesn’t totally stick the landing. It’s absolutely brilliant in execution, though, as you replay missions for different results providing the most robust experience to those who spend the most time playing.
GamesRadar (Jan 19, 2021)
A slick and entertaining conclusion to a trilogy full of inventive, beautifully crafted levels to explore and exploit.
Destructoid (Jan 20, 2021)
Coupled with extra gadgets (some of which can be imported - though not as swimmingly on PC), Hitman 3 is really fun to dive back into; or introduce someone to for that matter, just to see what they come up with. It's the little things that add up and really make Hitman 3 special.
ScreenRant (Jan 19, 2021)
Hitman 3 is the best of the newer Hitman games and quite possibly the best Hitman game in the franchise. The need to constantly be online (especially in a single-player game) and the small amount of locations may turn some players off, but the density and replayability of the areas which are included make for some of the best assassination missions IO Interactive has created so far. Agent 47, Diana, and players have all come a long way since 2016, but Hitman 3 acts as a perfect conclusion that any longtime series fan should be happy with.
GameSpot (Jan 19, 2021)
What's good about Hitman--its level design and the creativity, experimentation, and exploration that affords--is great in Hitman 3. It closes out the trilogy by brilliantly playing off everything that came before it, making use of and then subverting expectations, and rewarding players for their willingness to master the complexity of both its individual levels and the series as a whole.
Game Informer Magazine (Jan 19, 2021)
Every mission in the final arc is a statement, demonstrating a mastery of level design and a willingness to subvert expectations laid out five years ago.
PC Gamer (Jan 19, 2021)
A beautiful, deep, and endlessly replayable murder sandbox, featuring some of the best levels in the series.
GAMINGbible (Jan 19, 2021)
The steady release of Hitman games over the past five years has been a constant joy. Each new game has been better than the last, and has provided that unique hit of silly sandbox stealth that no other series quite captures. So it's a shame the trilogy is coming to an end, and it may be a long time until we see another full-blooded Hitman release. But this is a fitting send off for Agent 47, until our deadly paths cross again.
90 (Jan 19, 2021)
Véritable Gran Turismo de l'assassinat, Hitman 3 regorge d'intrigues, de moyens de nuire plus ou moins directement et de possibilités qui ne pourront que pousser les joueurs à expérimenter, chercher la trajectoire idéale, le meurtre parfait. Plus joli, bien dodu, bouclant un scénario qui aura mis du temps à nous intéresser, ce volet introduit aussi la réalité virtuelle sur consoles PlayStation, assez incroyable. Son association avec Hitman et Hitman 2, auquel il apportera un lifting, vous garantit beaucoup de très bons moments.
Hitman 3 danza asintoticamente con il concetto di perfezione, avvicinandovisi spesso senza mai carpirne davvero l’essenza. Il capitolo conclusivo della trilogia si dimostra ugualmente di altissimo livello, presentando una conclusione davvero soddisfacente alle vicende che hanno visto 47 e compagni andare a caccia dei membri di Providence nel corso dell’ultimo lustro. I ragazzi di IO Interactive sono riusciti a migliorare e perfezionare una formula ormai consolidata, sebbene non manchi qualche sbavatura che tuttavia viene eclissata dall’incredibile qualità di un’opera senza eguali nel panorama videoludico moderno.
GameMAG (Jan 19, 2021)
В эру игр с открытым миром, где приходится гриндить и крафтить, HITMAN 3 явно выделяется. Тут нет микротранзакций, доната и магазина с предметами. Весь основной контент доступен здесь и сейчас. У этой игры нет конкурентов в сегменте стелс-экшенов, она предлагает сотни часов затягивающего геймплея и высокую реиграбельность. Разнообразие локаций и заданий, а также полная доступность сразу всех эпизодов делают HITMAN 3 лучшим приобретением на старте 2021 года.
Shacknews (Jan 19, 2021)
While I enjoyed the conclusion to the World of Assassination trilogy’s narrative, the best that Hitman 3 has to offer is when it sets players loose in its levels to be creative and explore. Nothing beats the process of plotting out a potential route, working out the various pieces by saving and loading repeatedly, then finally putting it all together in that perfect run. That’s still there in Hitman 3 as it was previously, but each time a mission asked me to retrieve something it felt like a chore after my first run. Still, it offers players a huge amount of content if they don’t expect to experience it all on a single run. It’s a game that’s meant to be played repeatedly, and it benefits from the addition of the camera and the permanent shortcuts. It’s great on its own, but combined with Hitman (2016) and Hitman 2 it helps make up the masterpiece that is the World of Assassination trilogy.
Gry OnLine (Jan 19, 2021)
Zmiany te nie są rewolucyjne, ale udanie odświeżają formułę. A w połączeniu z doskonałym doborem map, które jako komplet wypadają lepiej niż paczki, jakie dostaliśmy w ramach pierwszego i drugiego sezonu serii, robią z Hitmana 3 najlepszą odsłonę cyklu – a więc automatycznie również najlepszą rasową skradankę od wielu lat. Dla fanów serii oraz gatunku to pozycja obowiązkowa.
PC Games (Germany) (Jan 20, 2021)
Man, habe ich mich gefreut, als ich den Test zu Hitman 3 ergaunern konnte! Die Hitman-Reihe empfand ich schon immer großartig und einfach anders. Das mittelprächtige Waffen-Gameplay hat mich noch nie gestört, schließlich ging es schon immer um lautloses Vorgehen. Leider stehen Spiele dieser Art aber kurz vor dem Aussterben. Umso mehr freut es mich, dass Hitman 3 ein grandioser Abschluss der Trilogie wurde. Natürlich kann man sich darüber beschweren, dass es nur sechs neue Schauplätze gibt und es leider noch keine neuen Sniper Assassin-Missionen in das Spiel geschafft haben. Dennoch kann man in den zahlreichen Spielmodi unfassbar viel Zeit verbringen und immer wieder neue Gelegenheiten entdecken, die einen dem perfekten Mord näherbringen.
IGN (Jan 19, 2021)
Rich, rewarding, and highly replayable, Hitman 3 is a superb instalment of IO’s idiosyncratic but much-loved stealth series. The fundamentals haven’t changed since 2016 but its collection of outstanding maps makes for a refined, reliable, and robust curtain-closer to the current Hitman trilogy. Six maps may sound slim but each one is huge and designed to be played several times over – and even then it’s very unlikely you’ll have uncovered all of its creative and surprising assassination opportunities. There really isn’t a weak one in the bunch. This barcoded butcher has made a lot of appearances over the past 20 years, but Hitman 3 is definitely one of his best.
TrueGaming (Jan 19, 2021)
هيتمان 3 تقدم التجربة الأمثل لأي شخص يعشق عيش دور القاتل المأجور و هي خاتمة مثالية للعميل الأسطورة 47
90 (Jan 20, 2021)
Five years after kicking off Hitman's new era, IO Interactive closes out the World of Assassination trilogy in spectacular fashion. Hitman 3 is a massive package full of fantastic new levels and modes that's well worth the purchase for stealth-action fans.
90 (Jan 21, 2021)
Hitman 3 defies every expectation I had for it, from the size of its maps to the scope of its missions. I am truly free to approach these jobs however I wish, so long as the objectives are met, and that freedom is downright exhilarating. It’s not without its foibles, the inconsistency with its enemies being one that I ran into, but any issues are easily overcome by the quality of the overall experience. This may be 47’s last hurrah for a while, but dang if he doesn’t go out swinging.
Game Watcher (Jan 19, 2021)
Hitman III is a fascinating finale to the franchise that shyly continues the series’ tradition to iterate and improve on each entry.
The Digital Fix (Jan 20, 2021)
While the game does not offer anything new in terms of gameplay, Hitman 3 features the best levels in any Hitman game to date.
Gameplay (Benelux) (Jan 29, 2021)
Een verfijning van de gekende sluipgameplay met ruimte voor frisse ideeën. Een waardige zwanenzang met enkele van de sterkste levels in de trilogie en het air van een onderhoudende spionagethriller.
Spazio Games (Jan 19, 2021)
Da quando ha lanciato la trilogia del World of Assassination, IO Interactive ha inseguito una visione che voleva mettere la natura sandbox al centro del futuro di Hitman, e così è stato. Questo concetto è arrivato alla sua massima manifestazione nella proposta ludica di Hitman 3, che mettendosi alle spalle qualsiasi ragionamento legato al mercato che porterebbe a un appiattimento delle proposte, punta come non mai sulla natura stealth della saga, elevandola a nuovi standard grazie a un level design certosino e unico. Nonostante una IA che rinuncia a migliorarsi rispetto al passato, Hitman 3 ci riconsegna allora una IO mai così consapevole delle sue unicità, che non solo può dare un futuro importante e radioso alla saga dell'Agente 47, ma che sembra più pronta che mai a cimentarsi anche con le nuove scorribande videoludiche di James Bond.
Meristation (Jan 19, 2021)
Dartmoor y Berlin sobresalen por lo primero. Son niveles arriesgados, que ofrecen otro punto de vista igual de válido que el resto. Mendoza, Chongqin y Dubai te introducen en la típica caja de arena de inicio a fin, lo cual no quiere decir que sea malo, ni mucho menos, solo que no logran sorprender como el otro dúo. Madurar la fórmula conlleva un precio a pagar. No hay novedades jugables de peso. La fórmula se aleja de los riesgos para proponer lo que sabe hacer bien, pero ni el smartphone ni los atajos lo sacuden a los mandos. Los veteranos encontrarán la experiencia de calidad que recibieron en el resto de la trilogía. Solo nos queda pensar qué hubiera ocurrido al ampliar los márgenes de tiempo entre las entregas. Como, por ejemplo, en los contratos de intensificación, escasos de lanzamiento. En cualquier caso, Hitman 3 ofrece la plataforma definitiva del mundo del asesinato. Eso sí, si tienes el resto.
Way Too Many Games (Jan 24, 2021)
Hitman 3 is an absolutely stunning ending to this trilogy, finally delivering a story that, whilst not mind-blowing, did subvert my expectations in the best of ways, all while delivering the same high quality gameplay and level design that fans have come to expect. It may not innovate on the previous titles’ core gameplay, feeling more like an expansion than a new standalone game, but it’s still worth your while, offering plenty of new content to dig into.
Although there are a few issues (namely with its save system and soon-to-be-fixed progress carry-over function), Hitman 3's mission stories, level design, and creative assassinations provide the franchise's "greatest hits" record. It's the perfect way to cap off Agent 47's journey.
Game Revolution (Jan 19, 2021)
Hitman 3’s story reflects IO’s time with the franchise as even skilled professionals must eventually move on and carve a new path for themselves. IO will be focusing its efforts elsewhere for the near future but it has at least left Hitman on a particularly high note. A suite of rich and highly detailed levels, open-ended mission design, and nearly endless replayability allow it to excel off its own merits, but easy access to the prior two entries makes Hitman 3 the ultimate Hitman experience that puts all of the trilogy’s successes under one poison-tipped umbrella. The bald, barcoded assassin has had many hits in his 21-year career, but even though it might be his last for quite some time, Hitman 3 is one of 47’s best executions yet.
JeuxActu (Jan 19, 2021)
HITMAN 3 conclut en beauté la trilogie entamée en 2016, sur à peu près tous les points. Le moteur graphique continue de progresser et nous offre des environnements plus somptueux que jamais. Le level design se montre quant à lui toujours aussi brillant, tandis que le scénario fait réellement évoluer les choses. Et histoire d'éviter un trop grand effet de redite, les développeurs ont même pensé à intégrer quelques petites variations de gameplay dans certaines missions. Indispensable pour les amateurs de la série, ce nouvel opus peut également constituer une porte d'entrée valable pour les novices qui, par la suite, pourront toujours importer les missions de HITMAN et HITMAN 2 dans ce troisième épisode.
85 (Jan 19, 2021)
Hitman 3 est la conclusion attendue et espérée de la trilogie “World of Assassination”... ni plus ni moins. IO Interactive parvient à peaufiner sa formule “sandbox”en corrigeant ce qui pouvait l’être, et en y ajoutant quelques nouveautés qui s’intègrent parfaitement à l'existant. Techniquement solide et visuellement élégante, cette nouvelle aventure de l’Agent 47 est une invitation à la découverte, à l’exploration, et fait de la curiosité une arme létale entre les mains des joueurs. Hitman 3 élève tout simplement au rang d’art l’assassinat vidéoludique.
85 (Jan 19, 2021)
Non è che sia particolarmente difficile giudicare Hitman 3, è che trattarlo come un prodotto singolo, cioè al netto dei capitoli precedenti, ci pare un po' ingiusto. Se lo dividiamo dagli altri (ma non è questo che ha fatto IO Interactive?), si dimostra un buon gioco, con un numero più che sufficiente di contenuti di grande qualità, ma anche facendo finta di nulla si sente, si vede, che lavora a un terzo delle sue potenzialità. Il consiglio che ci sentiamo di darvi, se non vi siete mai avvicinati alla trilogia, è proprio quello che temevate: acquistare i tre giochi in blocco, magari sfruttando le offerte già annunciate o quelle che verranno proposte in futuro, in modo da avere una delle più divertenti, corpose e sofisticate esperienze stealth di sempre. Vi lasciamo al voto del solo Hitman 3, ma all'opera completa potete dare tranquillamente uno scintillante nove.
Power Unlimited (Jan 19, 2021)
Ik heb hard zitten genieten van Hitman 3. Zo hard, dat ik de komende weken waarschijnlijk niets anders ga spelen, om zo elk hoekje en gaatje in de verschillende levels te kunnen ontdekken. Je merkt wel dat aan het einde van deze trilogie de rek een beetje uit dit concept is en het tijd wordt dat Agent 47 een make-over krijgt. Desalniettemin is dit een hele dikke afsluiter van de serie die ongetwijfeld eind dit jaar in m’n top vijf zal staan.
Hitman 3 aura encore su faire vibrer la lueur au fond de nos yeux, et s'il constitue le dernier chapitre de la trilogie World of Assassination, il amène aussi celle-ci à son apogée avec encore plus d'options de gameplay proposées, à l'image des raccourcis à débloquer pour les runs suivants. Si l'on aurait apprécié des cinématiques plus soignées, les graphismes in-game relèvent largement les attentes et très peu de bugs sont à déplorer. Quant à la gestion de la foule, elle nous épate toujours autant, malgré les inévitables routines des PNJ. L'aspect bac à sable reste, quant à lui, l'un des points forts du titre qui saura ravir les complétionnistes avides de ne rien rater des très nombreuses possibilités offertes par le jeu.
GameStar (Germany) (Jan 19, 2021)
Die Hitman-Serie beschert mir seit Jahren das beste Stealth-Erlebnis der aktuellen Konsolengeneration. Und Hitman 3 unterstreicht nochmal mit Schwung, warum das so ist. Ein "Best of" der stärksten Ideen vermischt mit einigen dramatischen Story-Akzenten pro Mission. Grandiose Signature Kills, abwechslungsreiche Aufträge, bitterböser Humor, aber eben auch der altbekannte Deal: Wenn ich die Missionen nicht wieder und wieder spielen will, bekomme ich für meine 60 Euro deprimierend wenig Spielzeit. Veteranen müssen zudem an keiner Stelle neue Tricks lernen - weil es schlicht keine neuen Tricks gibt. Das muss kein Problem für euch sein, aber ihr solltet es eben verinnerlicht haben, bevor ihr den Geldbeutel zückt.
83 (Jan 19, 2021)
Zum großen Finale der Welt-der-Attentate-Trilogie offenbart Hitman wieder all seine Stärken - aber leider auch einige altbekannte Schwächen, die man vor allem im Bereich der KI und Skriptfehlern vorfindet. Auf der PS4 Pro bewegt sich außerdem die Performance zeitweise an der Schmerzgrenze und die Version wirkt zusammen mit diversen Anzeige-Bugs noch nicht optimiert. Im Vergleich dazu spielt sich Hitman auf den neuen Konsolen und dem PC deutlich geschmeidiger. Obwohl IOI einen Großteil der Mechaniken aus den Vorgängern übernimmt und damit für gewisse Ermüdungserscheinungen sorgt, wirken die großartig designten und abwechslungsreichen Schauplätze zusammen mit den kreativen Attentat-Optionen diesem Manko erfolgreich entgegen. Und obwohl mich das lineare Finale spielerisch etwas enttäuscht hat, war ich im Gegenzug begeistert von all den Möglichkeiten und Wegen, die in anderen Episoden eingeschlagen wurden. (...)
DualShockers (Jan 19, 2021)
Overall, I can identify the sheer quality of Hitman 3, even if it’s not the kind of game I’ll be going back to a lot. This is also not exactly a great place to start for newcomers, and I’d recommend checking out the earlier games/levels first. For those who are already fans though, this should be just what the unusual doctor with the barcode tattoo ordered.
Video Games Chronicle (Jan 19, 2021)
IO continues its tug of war between Hitman: The Story and Hitman: The Assassin Simulation. For the most of Hitman 3 the latter wins out and delivers classic hit after classic hit. Wobbly conclusion aside, it’s a must for existing fans and a great introduction to gaming’s boldest, baldest stealth series.
TheGamer (Jan 19, 2021)
In an alternate universe, Hitman became one of the best selling series of all time, its influence akin to something like PUBG. In this better world, where the pandemic never even happened, Hitman spawned a genre of its own - the Hitmanlike, where developers put level design and systemic play right at the top of their priority list. Alas, we can’t break through the skin of the world and reach that universe. We’re stuck here. In our world, Hitman stands alone. There’s nothing like it, and Hitman 3 is an outstanding refinement of that unique 21-year-old recipe. Just watch out for that secret ingredient. (It’s poison).
PCGamesN (Jan 22, 2021)
Another fine outing for Agent 47, and a fitting, hopefully temporary, farewell to one of the best stealth series of the last decade.
Digital Trends (Jan 19, 2021)
Hitman 3 is a great swan song to a fun trilogy of games, held up by its intricate locations and humorous gameplay. Hopefully future updates bring some important additions that extend its replay value and turn it into the ultimate stealth game it is within spitting distance of being.
GameCrate (Jan 19, 2021)
Hitman 3 was a fun game, but I definitely put it down quicker than I did Hitman 1 or 2. If you wanted more of the same it gives you that on top of being a really convenient platform for the content of the previous games, but that doesn’t change the fact that this feels much more like an expansion pack than a new entry in the franchise.
80 (Jan 20, 2021)
In conclusione Hitman 3 è un titolo solido, nonché il giusto finale per una saga longeva e sempre interessante. La durata potrebbe essere un problema per molti ma l'inclusione dei due titoli precedenti rappresenta un valore aggiunto. Insomma, è un gioco che merita di essere aggiunto alla vostra collezione.
IGN Italia (Jan 19, 2021)
Forse relativamente povero di contenuti con sole sei missioni oltre alla modalità Sniper Assassin e i contratti secondari, Hitman III riesce comunque a regalare molte ore di divertimento se si è disposti a immergersi più volte in ciascun livello per sbloccare ogni gadget e trovare ogni modo per eliminare i bersagli. La trilogia si è conclusa proprio quando forse stava iniziando a sembrare troppo uguale a se stessa.
80 (Jan 19, 2021)
L’Agente 47 torna più scaltro e letale che mai, all’interno di un’esperienza che sa come valorizzare l’istinto omicida dei videogiocatori. Il tutto si concretizza in un’avventura stealth ricchissima di possibilità, un sandbox stracolmo di idee e soluzioni alternative che stimolano la varietà d’approccio e beneficiano di un level design a volte in stato di grazia. Qualche caduta di stile nell’ultimo stage, una storia solo di contorno e una generale mancanza di coraggio nel sistemare alcuni inciampi degli scorsi episodi, come un’IA non proprio entusiasmante e fasi shooter molto grossolane, impediscono però a Hitman 3 di compiere un grosso passo in avanti rispetto al secondo atto. L’opera si muove dunque in perfetta continuità con quanto saggiato in precedenza, sia nel bene, che nel male. Buona caccia, Agenti 47.
ComicBook Gaming (Jan 19, 2021)
To that end, I would express that Hitman 3 isn’t a game you necessarily need to look to pick up right this moment, but it’s one you should have on your radar in the future. And even if you are looking to snag it now, what’s here boasts countless hours of gameplay for you to get lost in. Hitman 3 is a title that will surely keep you quite entertained in this dry period of gaming releases -- especially if you’ve got nothing else to play.
Stevivor (Jan 20, 2021)
That doesn’t matter too much though, as the Hitman faithful will still turn up to back in the radiant glow of Agent 47s baldness. These are the people who’ll play every escalation, take down every limited target and unlock all of the challenges that each level poses. For them, Hitman 3 is perfect just as it is. For everyone else? Despite the slow start and (very) familiar story, it’s still a fun ride.