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Hoard Credits

45 people (21 developers, 24 thanks)


Developed & Published byBig Sandwich Games Inc.
Design DirectorTyler Sigman
Level DesignEric Emery
Creative DirectorGlenn Barnes
Technical Art DirectorCory Lake
Graphic DesignerDavid Byun
ModelersDavid Byun, Julius Hettig
Concept ArtRyan Slemko, Chris Bourassa
Technical DirectorPeter Holubowicz
Senior ProgrammersMarcel Barker, Kelvin McDowell
ProgrammersKeir Miron (@KeirMiron), Marcel Brake, Aaron Bossert, Randall Foster
Quality AssuranceBrandon LaBelle, VMC Game Labs
Executive ProducersSean Murch, Glenn Barnes, Tyler Sigman
Sound and MusicAdriane Lake (Mineral Music)
Sony Computer Entertainment America LLCJustin Cooney, Nick Suttner, Vivian Lam, Carol Chung, Naomi Takata, Vince Mathias, Jeff Rubenstein, Sid Shuman
Thanks toVic Tyson (RBC Commercial Services), Warren Tsoi (RBC Commercial Services), Eva Schmieg (Heenan Blaikie LLP), Andrew Atkins (Atkins & Co.), Karam Bayrakal (Fasken Martineau), Pascal Britt-Cote (Export Development Canada), Robert Caouette (Export Development Canada), Jennifer Irving, Jessica Snow, Leah Anne Lewis, Iwona Maciuk, Oonah Snow Barnes, Dan McBride (Slant Six Games), Tammi Barker, Charles Miron, Darcy Miron (Creators of Keir Miron )
Hoard is based on an original gameplay concept byTyler Sigman, Glenn Barnes
Developed with theCLUBHOUSE ENGINE
Copyright 2010-2011Big Sandwich Games Inc.
Created byTyler Sigman

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Credits for this game were contributed by Freeman (61287)