Advertising Blurbs (Publisher's website):

    Мир, воцарившийся в Галактике после обретения Хиигаранами утраченного некогда дома, продолжался недолго: Ваигры, не знающие жалости и пощады, решили взять реванш и вторглись в пределы ареала обитания расы. Давно разрешённый, казалось бы, конфликт разгорелся с новой силой, и только Вам, командиру космодредноута "Гордость Хиигары", дано уладить его раз и навсегда...

    Особенности игры

    • Продолжение легендарной космической RTS Homeworld.
    • Захватывающий сюжет, рассказывающий о борьбе могущественной расы Хиигаран и воинственного клана Ваигров.
    • Кинематографическое качество графики.
    • Десятки новых космических кораблей самого широкого спектра назначения - от тяжёлых и мощных крейсеров до скоростных и маневренных истребителей.
    • Возможность переводить флот из миссии в миссию.
    • Интуитивно-понятный, продуманный до мелочей интерфейс - мощное средство оперативного управления боевым космическим флотом любого масштаба и в любой обстановке.
    • Многопользовательский режим: до шести игроков одновременно по локальной сети или через Интернет.
    • Возможность играть в одиночных миссиях и в сетевой игре за любую из сторон конфликта.

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Press Release:

    Sequel to Award-Winning Space-Based Real-Time Strategy Game To Ship in North America September 16

    LOS ANGELES, CA (August 25, 2003)- Vivendi Universal Games (VU Games) announced today that Homeworld®2, the sequel to 1999's award-winning, space-based real-time strategy game, Homeworld, has gone gold and will ship to North American retailers September 16, 2003.

    Homeworld 2, the sequel to one of 1999's highly acclaimed RTS games, returns players to the helm of the most powerful space armada in the universe as they battle to keep their home. The highly-anticipated follow up title includes multiplayer competition for up to five other players, in addition to an engrossing single player saga, and features startling space effects like dust gas clouds, wispy nebulae, and ghostly derelict hulks of space ships rendered with spectacular Hollywood-style special effects.

    "Homeworld 2 takes our commitment to quality to the next level, by including a number of visual improvements, as well as refinements to the gameplay and user-interface," said Dan Irish, Executive Producer of Homeworld 2. "We're excited to deliver the next chapter in the Homeworld saga, and are looking forward to seeing the fans' reactions to our improvements of the series."

    To guarantee a copy of Homeworld 2 on release day, gamers can reserve a copy through their local retail store or online site. Customers who reserve a copy at Best Buy, GameStop,, Musicland and CompUSA will receive a bonus Homeworld 2 CD with never before seen concept art, trailer, poster, and much more, while supplies last.

    Homeworld 2 is being developed by Relic Entertainment and will be available September 16, 2003 on the PC for a suggested retail price of $49.99 with an ESRB "Teen" rating. For more information, log on to

    About Relic Entertainment
    Relic Entertainment Inc. is a developer of original content electronic entertainment located in Vancouver, Canada. Relic's debut product Homeworld launched in 1999 to near unanimous recognition as one of the best video games of the year. It won the "Game of the Year" from PC Gamer and Computer Gaming World's "Strategy Game of the Year." Homeworld: Cataclysm, developed by Barking Dog Studios, followed in 2000 and the Company has recently released Impossible Creatures, a 3D, Real-Time Strategy (RTS) game set in the 1930s. Relic currently has 63 employees with 3 titles under development. Relic's founder, Alex Garden, was featured in "The New Game Gods" by PC Gamer Magazine and continues to lead Relic in pioneering new and innovative products. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

    About Vivendi Universal Games
    Headquartered in New York, Vivendi Universal Games ( is a global leader in multi-platform interactive entertainment. A leading publisher of PC, console and online-based interactive content, Vivendi Universal Games' portfolio of development studios includes Black Label Games, Blizzard Entertainment, Coktel, Fox Interactive, Knowledge Adventure, NDA Productions, Sierra Entertainment and Universal Interactive. Through its Partner Publishing Group, Vivendi Universal Games also co-publishes and/or distributes interactive products for a number of strategic partners, including Crave Entertainment, Interplay, Majesco, Mythic Entertainment and Simon & Schuster, among others.


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Inside Flaps:


    You hoped the battle to reclaim Hiigara's Homeworld would be the last war your people would fight. But now a powerful enemy has breached your borders. The question of the Hiigarans' exile, and their destiny, demands a return to galactic war.

    "Homeworld 2 looks absolutely spectacular."
    - PC Gamer, July 2003

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Back of Box:


    Long ago you returned from exile, but now fate will not be so kind. Your enemies thirst for victory.
    Your struggle has only just begun. The Homeworld saga continues in THE SEQUEL TO 1999's "GAME OF THE YEAR".

    Explore galaxies filled with gas clouds, nebulae, and other space phenomena

    Harvest resources from asteroids to build a giant space armada

    Form your ships into strike groups to create devastating combined-arms fleets

    Online play for up to 6 people at once

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PC Gamer, November 2003 - Ad Spread, pages 3 - 4:
    Sequel to PC Gamer's "Game of the Year"

    Command the fleet that stands between your Homeworld and the enemy that would destroy it.

    A century ago, you lead the Hiigarans home. Now, a deadly new enemy threatens all you've fought to create. Build vast fleets and repel aggressors, while exploring the cosmos for secrets to your survivial. With intelligent ship formations, unparalleled special effects, and an improved interface, this sequel to 1999's Game of the Year will once again set the standard for 3D space strategy games.

    -Control nimble fighters, massive destroyers, and the rest of your battle-ready fleet.

    -Improved controls make it easy to give orders and watch battles unfold.

    -Combine units into strike groups that work together to combat the enemy.

    -Go online for intense multiplayer action with up to 6 people.

    HOMEWORLD Space. Strategy. Survival.

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