Homeworld Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

"Pull out, pull out!"
"Got one!" (two Intercepters)
Pretty Homeworld Picture number 2975 (in mission one)
the main menu
The Training Mission
training continues
an assault frigate looks on the fight
The mothership launches scouts
The Salvage Corvette in action
The mothership materialising after a Hyperspace jump
my carrier and fleet
A Probe
a pitched battle
attacking the enemy mothership
Ion cannon in action
Some Battle action
Battle action 2
Trial - destroy drones
Cinematic cut-scene
Destroyed supply ship
Defend mothership!
First space battle
Mission - protect salvage corvette
Map view
Scout squadron
Build queue
Corvette catches drone
Next space battle
Attack from upper side.
a runner
star map
mothership setting off
the stone
the yard