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Horace Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu
Horace is "unboxed" in front of the old man he will soon get to know well.
Meeting the rest of the family.
Start of the first chapter
The game is filled with mini-games such as this Pong variant.
Most of the gameplay consists of platforming, such as through this rescue mission.
The screen shown when pausing the game with helpful information about progress.
Horace's ultimate goal is to clean one million pieces of trash and the game is littered with it.
Exploring the mansion while meeting the cast of characters.
Here a famous Japanese RPG is referenced. Most of the jokes are also game or culture related and often subtly through conversations.
Electricity is one of the most persistent dangers throughout all platforming sections.
Using a boat to travel abroad.
Practising a new skill with basketball as well as elements from a Nativity scene.
Horace is timing a jump for a disappearing platform. The yellow orb acts as a single-hit shield.
Boss fight
A lot of puzzles are based around Horace's ability to use his boots to stick to any surface, toying with gravity.
Avoiding electricity while on a moving platform.
Bullet hell boss fight
A daring escape performing wall slides and wall jumps while avoiding fire.
A mini-game where Horace is taught how to play the drums Guitar Hero style.
Boss fight against a tank
An escape from prison with an interactive car driving scene.
A funny reminiscence about star signs
Flying in a dream sequence.
One of the jobs Horace can do to earn money: drying dishes.
Playing a Pac-Man clone in the arcade.
Outrun style arcade game
One of the game's arcades
Another job for Horace as an interactive mini-game
With sufficient funds you can buy a ticket to travel to different locations by train.
At an award show. There are detailed pixel graphics in the game's many cut-scenes.
A difficult platforming section with rotating cubes.
A Breakout mini-game to hack into a security system.
No comment
Entering funny commands into a terminal.
Playing an After Burner clone.
Running quickly to escape lasers. Here Horace is in disguise.
On a film set
A platforming section where you have to transport/kidnap someone.
Back outside, exploring a new location.
Floating through a tunnel using a new mechanic.
A puzzle involving rotation.
Chased by a cat in a psychedelic world inspired by Alice in Wonderland
A chess puzzle
Platforming section
Exploring using a first-person view
A boss fight where you need to complete several mini-games with a ZX Spectrum theme.
Laser puzzle
In prehistoric times chased by an angry mob.
Stuck inside a cave