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Horde: The Citadel Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu.
Player selection seems to have been inspired by StarCraft. The three leaders only differ in their position on the map and unit colours.
Global map.
The were-bear looks exactly as one of the player's workers. It won't become hostile and transform into a bear unless provoked though.
An early attack by an unfriendly neighbour.
Wolves and bears in the forest can easily dispatch workers and light infantry alike.
A rather decent army, but still not enough to deal considerable damage to a fortified settlement.
The new stone structures are larger and more durable than their wooden counterparts.
You can produce pigeons to scout the map. They also have a weak attack, but then again, pigeons are cheap and don't use up the population resource...
Stone turrets are tough, immune to flames, and fire regular and lighted arrows, as well as cannonballs - the ultimate defence system!