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Hospital Hustle Credits

34 people (23 developers, 11 thanks)


Executive ProducerPaulo Gomes
ProducerSérgio Santos
Game DesignTiago Carita
Lead ProgrammerAfonso Cordeiro
ProgrammingLuís Correia, Sérgio Santos
MusicFrancisco Furtado
Sound DesignFrancisco Furtado
StoryPaulo Gomes
Original ConceptPaulo Gomes
TestingJulio de Sousa
General ManagerMariana Cardoso
Sales ManagerPedro Candelaria
Special ThanksRicardo Blanco, Hugo Ruivo, Pedro Potier, Ana Freitas, Tobias
Voice ActingFrancisco Furtado, Filipe Teixeira, Ana Gomes, Cheila Ferreira, Laura Martinot, Sérgio Santos, Afonso Cordeiro


Art DirectionTiago Carita
Concept ArtGonçalo Sousa
ArtworkJoão Moreno, Luis Telésforo, Tiago Beijoco, Laura Martinot
AnimationJoão Moreno, Tiago Beijoco, Marco Peixoto, Luis Telésforo


Executive ProducerLloyd Melnick
ProducerMatthew Shetler
TestersEve Park, Brandon Tyndall, Caitlin L. Conner
Special ThanksJoe Halby, Abigail Hallatt, Dimitri Kirin, Nick Quante, Kirk Owen, Jason S. Rice

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Credits for this game were contributed by kalindo (444)