Hostile Makeover Credits (Windows)

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Hostile Makeover Credits

Hostile Makeover

Based upon the Crime of Fashion Mystery novel byEllen Byerrum

Merscom LLC

Executive ProducersLloyd Melnick, Kirk Owen
Senior ProducerMatthew Shetler
ProducerEve Park
WriterScott Olson
Localization ManagerDimitri Kirin
Distribution ManagerNick Quante
Quality AssuranceCaitlin L. Conner, Cassiana Gudgenov, Abigail Hallatt, Catherine Mainland, David Perry
Special ThanksKellie Grandy, Joe Halby, Dimitri Kirin, Joe Sewell, Harold Sipe


Chief Executive OfficerEric Lux
ProducersManuel Mas, Maxime Montasheri
Game DesignersGeoffrey Bir, Thomas Ros
Artistic DirectorXavier Tual
Lead 3D ArtistFrederic Gesquiere
Character DesignerGuilain De Aguiar
3D ArtistsCic Jagut, Juan Liang, Omar Meradi
2D ArtistsRomain Kuntz, Frric Vinrech, Aure Warszawski
Technical DirectorEdwin Razafimahatratra
Lead DeveloperXavier Coutin
DevelopersSstien Givone, Isabelle Gouwy, Xavier Richter, Thhane Taro
Music and SFXNusic ‑ Andrew D


Executive ProducerKris Soumas
ProducerBrianna Klemm

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Credits for this game were contributed by Trond Berntsen (1830)