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Hostile Waters: Antaeus Rising Credits


Lead Programmer, Graphics and AI EnginesTim Austin
Environmental and Physics Engines ProgrammerDavid Percival
Game, Movie Effects and Effects Engine ProgrammerZafar Qamar
Front-end, Interface and Editing Tools ProgrammerMike Stimpson
Additional ProgrammingAndrew G. Williams
Sound Effects ProgrammingJohn O’Dowd
Voice Engine ProgrammingChristian Southgate
Front End and Pack ArtDave Butler
Lead Artist, Modelling and TexturesJohn Court
Modelling and TexturesColin Nicholls, Andrew Warne, Darren Yeomans
CinematicsAndrew Taylor
Project ManagementJulian Widdows
Project LeadDavid Percival
Development DirectorTrevor Williams
Sound Programming, Music and SFXJohn O’Dowd
Movie Scripts and Character ProfilesWarren Ellis
Character Scripts, Commentary Database, Casting and DirectionJulian Widdows
Original ConceptDavid Percival, Andrew G. Williams
Level CreationJohn Court, Andrew Taylor
Level Creation and ScriptingColin Nicholls, Andy Warne
Level Scripting and BalancingJulian Widdows
Head of QADean Bent
Lead TesterStuart Williams
Quality AssuranceGavin Clark, Jody Craddock, Nick Hall, Mark Povey, Chris Dolman
Hardware SupportDavid Dixon
Network ManagerAdrian Williams
Network Administration AssistantLee Mather
ManualBill Bird
Sales and MarketingTony Fitzgerald, Jane Hickey, Pat Kavanagh, Martin Kitney, Simon Lilley, Lisa O'Connor, Phillip Wright
Special Thanks ToMei Ang, Justin Batchelor, Ron Brown, Amanda Clewes, Dan Cook, Clive Coston, Jason Della Rocca, Andrew Diey, Mike Drummelsmith, Andrea D'Orta, Conway van Gelder, Tim Green, Jim Griffin, Paul Griffin, Gordon Hall, Vicki Hone, Richard Huddy, Deborah Hunt, Mark Jenkins, Paul Kerby, Alex Klimovitski, Jackie Lane, Stephen Lord, Rob Mann, Tony McCabe, Amanda Nicholls, Joshua Nicholls, David R. Oldcorn, Daniel Peacock, Maariya Qamar, Neilam Qamar, Chris Reeley, Jackie Silvester, Kevin Strange, Carolyn Sykes, Gordon Theobald, Maria Vanezi, Natalie Webb, Gemma Willetts, Omar Yehia, Julie Sutton, Nick Webber, Steve Howells, Robin Green, Steve Moran, Dino, Brett Taylor, The League of Gentlemen, Cath, Pat Spender, Karen Grassie, Veronica, Heather Driscoll, BBC Broadcasting House, Matinee Sound and Vision, Silvester Management, Advoice, Matrox Graphics, Nvidia, Creative Labs, Andy Williams, Trevor Williams, The Offroad Team, The Striker Team
Story Written byWarren Ellis
Briefings and Debriefings byJulian Widdows
The VoicesTom Baker (as The Narrator), Glynis Barber (as Church), Paul Darrow (as Walker)
Additional VoicesMoya O'Shea (as Kenzie), Steve Brennan (as Sinclair/Patton), Eric Meyers (as Ransom/Kroker), Kate Ashfield (as Borden), Rupert Degas (as Madsen), Mel Taylor (as Elroy), Laurel Lefkow (as Korolev), Olivier Desalande (as Lazare)

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Credits for this game were contributed by Roedie (5250), Kurt Sample (1057) and Zeikman (3496)