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The House of the Dead 2 Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
Main menu (Japanese Version)
Title and option menu
How to play.
AMS races to the rescue! Cue the Jan Hammer soundtrack!
Agents James and G on a flashback intro from the original House of The Dead.
A mysterious figure approaches Curien's body...
Brush up on your skills with training missions first.
The story elements (including this intro) are rendered with the in-game engine.
Zombies may some day rule the world... if only they can figure out how to survive a head shot.
Save the helpless civilians...
...and you'll be rewarded with health or power-ups or a new path to follow.
Amy and Harry show up to "help" but, they never seem to actually shoot at anything.
The bigger the ugly, the more damage they take.
At the end of each stage, a short clip shows all the grateful people you saved.
Before each Boss battle, you get clues to their weak points from G's journal.
Floor it and run them over? Nah, I'll just climb out of the car and pick them off one by one.
When you die, a map shows the path you took.
The inhabitants of the city underground aren't that friendly.
Boss mode pits you against the game's bosses in timed battles.
The "original" mode allows you to modify your starting arsenal and use all sorts of wacky power-ups.
Gotta rescue everyone!
Die evil mutant frogs!
Picking up items (like this key) or saving people branches the game in different directions.
Boss fight!
Grenade launcher? Hell yeah!
He won't be using that arm again...
That's one big chainsaw...
The Magician is back, and he's not happy to see you either.
Goldman's corporate headquarters house some high-tech zombies.
Lightsaber-wielding zombies? Sure why not.
The maid from the original game making a cameo.
I'm sorry James, but you are fired!
Final Battle... no known weak points... piece of cake.