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The House of the Dead Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Rogan, ready for action in his Miskatonic U. class blazer
It's nice to see some men who want a woman for her brains
Doctor Curien, the guy responsible for this whole mess
Hey, that was my ARM dammit!
Alright, drop the civilian and back away slowly... heh, that's not what I meant and you know it!
Steady on old bean. Nothing to lose your head over.
Save the DBR Researchers from their out of control creations
You say you want killer monkeys? Consider it done!
Plenty of gore for your viewing pleasuree
Don't you just hate it when someone takes head but... OK, just hold that thought wiseguy
Girl power... Sophie and a DBR Researcher ready to kick butt
In PC mode you can play as a variety of characters
But they all say the same thing (in Rogan's voice no less)
Meet Chariot Type 27. Jack Skellington this guy is not.
Boss battle with Hermit Type 6803
Curien activates his masterpiece, the Magician
The final battle with Magician Type 0
Sophie's waiting for you if you can beat the game with 0 continues...
But she seems to have acquired an odd fixation with you brains
The good ending... Sophie is reanimated, but in a slightly healthier manner
PC Mode
First boss in armor
Small tips
playing as Sophie
Scientists can escape from a cage
Mutated frogs
Blood explosion!
Magician - no weak point... in theory.