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Hover Ace Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu.
Inspecting the opponents.
At the start line (1st person view).
Group jump.
Right track trajectory really helps in overtaking the enemies.
Such a fail! It'll be difficult to gain my position back.
I was bumped by opponent. Worse thing ever could happen to light hovercraft.
The championship mode.
Loading screen with track info.
Please, don't push me!
You can by upgrades and new items in the garage.
Quite a mess.
Good position for a frag!
Die, you Fatty!
Hell yeah a frag!
Bonuses are easy not to miss.
Leader always get hurt much.
You might cut the corners, but checkpoints are must!
Trailed by the scout hovercraft. Wish I had some mines.
PACHINKA! "Repair" in Russia sound like that. What japanese would think?
Races are quite long.
Weapons unlock only 10 seconds after start.
Surfing in the invulnerable shield. La-la-la, I don't hear your shots!
Race results. I've got a plenty of credits to spend.