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Hoyle Casino Empire Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The main menu.
The "Strip", where you can choose which casino you want to run. Grayed out casinos are not yet available.
An empty casino called Buddy's; make it famous.
Slot Machines are cheap, so it's a good first buy. Here I've placed a large row of back-to-back machines.
Security rooms allow you to hire guards, while cashier booths allow patrons to get money.
This Machine Attendant comes from the cashier's booth and repairs your games.
Kayce, a patron, is considered a Gambler. The red and yellow button allows you to "comp", temporarily increasing happiness.
This is what the security camera sees; the highlighted section is where I will place my tables (blackjack, poker, etc.).
I have a few tables now; I changed the center table to red so I know it's a high stakes table (minimum bet is $100).
The exterior of your casino. You can build enhancements, such as neon lights, plants, and an advertising system, to attract patrons.
The cafe feeds guests, the machines by security are ATMs, and the tables at the bottom left are craps.
A Bingo parlour is the first building in my not yet developed area.
This is the summary, detailing what's in the casino. The icon with Roman numerals allows you to upgrade (to a maximum of four).
Through this screen, you can build hotels, create a marketing campaign, and add in-room services.
This is the competitor screen. When you actually have rivals, you can hire a spy to perform espionage, like pay workers to leave, causing a worker shortage.
Your casino rating. Do well, it goes up; do bad, it goes down. I'm sure you can guess which way you want it to go.
This screen shows who's in your casino (patrons and staff), and their satisfaction.
Your finance screen. Despite my $5,000, I'm not doing too good.
The structure in the center is a gambling pit, which provides security without the need for camera's, and automatic high appeal.
The Lounge is a popular hangout, but if your drinks contain too much alcohol, you may have trouble.
This is a celebrity; Macdaddy Moonwalk, a "misunderstood pop king". Look familiar?
Another lookalike celebrity. I suddenly feel the need to work out.
This area is now developed, and all the games are high stakes. Not too many people come here.
Various overlays are available to provide information on your casino's operation.