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Hoyle Solitaire Credits


ProducerStephen H. Van Horn
DesignersPaul Horn, Gayle Rowbotham
Associate DesignersJim Love, Julie Pogue Barnes
Lead Software DevelopersPaul Horn, Earl Malmrose
Software DevelopersTim Knappenberger, Mira Lieberman, Tim Weiss
Cheer SoundTom Abbott, Rabih AbouJaoud√©, Tina Dickey, John Gilmore, Dennis Ham, Frank T. Hollander, Paul Horn, Kevin Kubalsky, Jim Love, Lynn Luukinen, Myrna Meh, Gayle Rowbotham
Composer/Audio EngineerJohnathan Cunningham
Associate ComposersJim Love, Evan Schiller
Audio EffectsJames Ackley
Data WranglerDennis Ham
Quality AssuranceD. J. Eide, Beck Henderer, Kevin Kubalsky, Beth Quintana
Lead Artist/AnimatorGayle Rowbotham
ArtistsRabih AbouJaoudé, Kathleen Darcy, Tina Dickey, Greg Griffith, Heather Ivy, Kristin Kester, Jim Love, Moksha Marquardt, Karen Mui, Julie Pogue Barnes
Technical WritersSally Jandrall, Nancy Matthew

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Credits for this game were contributed by Jeanne (76454)