Hundred Swords Trivia (Windows)

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@barai version

Hundred Swords was the second game to be released as an @barai (= pay later) version for SEGA’s Dreamcast. @barai was a Japan-only service that allowed users to buy a cheap, restricted version of a game and then unlock it at any time with a downloadable key code at extra cost. The complete @barai version of Hundred Swords was roughly 4,000 yen (~$37), 1,000 for the game plus 3,000 for the key, whereas the normal retail version cost around 5,800 yen (~$50). The first SEGA @barai game was Eternal Arcadia (released as Skies of Arcadia outside of Japan).


If you play through the campaign and start it a second time, there are some minor changes in the plot.


The name Hundred Swords is derived from the simple fact that each side can control a maximum of one hundred soldiers.

Windows version

The PC version reveals a few unfinished settings that don't appear in the actual game. However they still appear in h_swords.ini and can be manually activated by editing their values.

These options allow you to change the resolution, enable 32-bit frame buffering, and let replays of battles being saved automatically (there is no way to play them back however).

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