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Hunting Unlimited 3 Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu
The game offers information about all the animals you can hunt
You can also see information about all your weapons
...and the locations you can hunt.
Setting up your Free Hunt - location, weather, time, animals, weapons, accessories, and outfit
Challenge mode - Work through the tiers by completing the challenges in each
Here he comes... I wish I had a scope, though... I hate aiming through sights
A close-up shot of a nice white-tailed deer
Posing next to your kill to get that perfect picture
A look at the Zambia landscape... very nice location
Taking aim at a wild boar in Zambia
My trusty horse ... nice to ride, but you can't shoot while riding
Am I hunting, or am I in a horse race?
Elephants aren't easy to take down... especially with this .30-06. I hit that thing about 5 times in the head and another 10 times elsewhere before it went down
Getting that perfect shot displays any pertaining information (lung shot, and distance shot from this example)
Just look at those antlers! This is the trophy "room"
Here's another view in the trophy "room" showing how deer antler information is displayed
Beautiful scenery!
In Free Hunt, when you start, you will be advised of the location of an animal in the vicinity
One of the mini games... the Buzzard Blast
Another mini game... the Deer Drive
And yet another mini game... Squirrel Bash (same as in Hunting Unlimited 2)