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Hydorah Credits (Windows)

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Hydorah Credits


A game byJuan Antonio Becerra Vilchez (Locomalito)
Music byJavier García (credited as Gryzor87)
FX byJavier García (credited as Gryzor87)
Cover Art byMarek Barej
Lead Vocals byCanoug Canough (Canoug)
Voice Over byJacobo García, Javier García (credited as Gryzor87), Roman Empress (credited as Roman Empress)
Tested byJames Monkman (Heavy Stylus -RGCD-), Io Mouzafoglou (credited as IO 'IOsomewhere' M.), Jacobo García, Graham Goring, Dominic Tarason, Raúl Cuevas (Avirrere)

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Credits for this game were contributed by リカルド・フィリペ (186743), Sciere (552751) and ryanbus84 (28409)