I Am Alive Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title screen
The story is told between the chapters
Welcome to Haventon
Some people are not aggressive, but they will defend their territory and supplies.
The city is ruined and looks deserted
I've got no ammo, but still I can threaten and overpower this guy
If you plan to help victims be prepared to spare the valuable items
Climbing action
This situation doesn't look very good...
You'll need to get up there on your own
One of the tasks
As you can see, I've lost all stamina on this climb and now I'm quickly loosing life energy
This doesn't look very safe...
Using grappling hook
Tips are displayed on loading screens
The streets are filled with harmful dust which also reduces the visibility greatly
I'm not very high from the ground level, but the streets are filled with dust so it's hard to see anything down there
Yeah, you almost killed me and now you want me to spare your life?
There's definitely something out there on the other side, I just need to find a way
Slashed his throat
Engaging in melee combat with two or more opponents is pointless: in about a second the guy to the left will finish me off
The map is constantly updated
Another hard situation considering I've got no bullets, just a machete
Even in the ruined city you can find someone to care of
The cannibals. I guess every post-apocalypse game has them.
Using piton to restore stamina
Jumping from this position requires extra stamina
This place is a safe haven
Practicing my bow
Down on the streets. There's probably someone out there, but it's hard to tell with all this dust
Armored enemy
On the streets at night. Now with a gas mask (thankfully)
Trying to sneak pats these guys
I can pick up that arrow later
One of the victims
Why are ruined cities often so beautiful?
The game keeps track of your actions
Bluffing with gun
help victim
Lantern is narrow passage
Make friendship
now, I must carry her
Run in fog
In mall
This man needs help