The game was first unveiled in 2008 as a retail title by the French development studio Darkworks. In March 2009 it was announced that Ubisoft had taken it out of their hands to have Shanghai UBI Computer Software Co., Ltd. finish it. It was eventually released as a downloadable Ubisoft game in March 2012. Darkworks already went out of business the year before, but the team is still fully credited for original development. The credits also suggest that multiplayer was considered, as it lists people working on the Rendez-Vous multiplayer technology and specifically mentions the product contains multiplayer connectivity provided through Quazal Technologies software. During development Ubisoft also posted a job title for the game, looking for a lead multiplayer designer.

The Event

The precise nature of the apocalyptic disaster called "The Event" is never specified. However, there are various important indicators in terms of circumstantial evidence about what has happened.

These are obviously shown to include: catastrophic earthquakes affecting the whole world or very large regions of it and lasting for days or longer, extremely rapid and near-total failure of societal infrastructure in less than a year, a colossal increase in atmospheric dust, and poor reception with surviving radio systems. All this taken together raises the strong possibility that "the Event" was a disastrous impact with an asteroid at least one kilometer in diameter. If one supposes that the asteroid struck the deep ocean, then because so much seawater would be vaporized, the dissolved solids that had once been part of the the seawater would be likely to cause serious damage to the ozone layer, causing solar radiation damage and drowning out most manmade radio signals for many years. (citation)

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