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Gameplanet (Apr 17, 2015)
It is clear from your first moments as bread that Bossa studios just wanted you to have a ridiculous and fun time. They totally succeeded as well; the experience is hilarious, and the concept and absurd physics coalesce to make every moment beautifully bizarre. On top of that, the addition of an interesting story makes the whole experience feel purposeful and rewarding. Bossa Studios have made the game that no one would have thought of, but that everybody should play.
IGN (Apr 13, 2015)
While it's not quite the absurdly violent physics spectacle that Surgeon Simulator 2013 is, I Am Bread has its own unique charms, with a darkly silly tone, a minimal but effective story, and open-ended level design that's richer than the simple premise might lead you to expect. Its clumsy controls make it disheartening at first, but it's worth it for the reward of eventually overcoming them and finding destructive new paths to toasty success.
Game Rant (Apr 16, 2015)
The game is very much a ‘what you see is what you get’ package, and gamers who like the idea of sentient bread are likely to enjoy killing a few hours completing the main storyline. I Am Bread packs a surprising amount of entertainment into a title that’s available for $14, and those who find themselves curious about the game won’t be disappointed with its value if they take the plunge.
Games Arena (Apr 12, 2015)
Recomandarea mea, dacă îl vedeți la 5 euro sau mai puțin, sigur, săriți pe el, va fi amuzant să îl jucați o jumătate de oră, sau să îl dați unui copil ca o alternativă la toate acele jocuri violente. Dacă sunteți tare, tare curios de această grozăvenie, ar merit și acei 9 euro la care îl găsiți până pe 16 aprilie. Îmi este greu de crezut că ceva ce seamănă cu o variantă extinsă a jocurilor gratuite făcute de Flashbang Studios cu 6 ani în urmă va menține prea mult timp prețul său întreg de 13 euro.
Geeks Under Grace (Apr 18, 2015)
At the end of the day, I am Bread is a game anyone with some patience and a penchant for the somewhat unusual experiences should check out. The controls are somewhat clumsy at first, some bugs need squashed, and maneuverability can feel burdensome, but those shouldn’t be enough to deter the curious. A clever campaign, fantastic soundtrack, variety of game modes, and unique all around gameplay experience make this a game folks will be talking about beside Goat Simulator for years to come. Quit loafing around and go try it out!
PC Gamer (Apr 19, 2015)
None of these modes has much longevity, but that’s okay. With its ever-present suggestion to take screenshots, this is clearly a game meant to be shared for laughs, built for YouTubers and streamers. I might put it on to show friends, but I probably won’t sit for hours trying to perfect my score. Like puns about baked goods or any kind of food stuffs, it’s good fun for a while, but you should probably quit while you’re a bread.
GameSpot (Apr 23, 2015)
Ultimately, it's a game for the same folks who still cackle with glee whenever there is a new Sharknado, or that still watch Snakes on a Plane. The joke is in the premise, in the title, and it won't stop winking and snickering with you for hours on end. But all it takes is one moment of clarity, one second-guess "why was I laughing" for the whole thing to fall apart. And in this game's case, all it has to do is remind you of how irksome it can be and often is to go from being a goofy joke to a serious headache in a flash.

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