I-Ninja Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
Main menu
Tight left turn ahead
Watch out for that laser.
Bouncy, Bouncy. This looks fun.
Ready for eye bowling.
Transporting back to the island.
Mission complete screen
That looks like a big robot.
Ninja and Sensei
Ranx Sentinel
5 vs 1, fair?
Sensei gives you a mission.
Purple corridor
World map or control center?
Floating in the air.
Find a way to free that ball.
Ball jumping
Caution, marble madness ahead
Nice sunset
Ninja can swim too.
Flipper ahead, use your chain.
Some kind of control panel
Watch out for those Ranx.
Laser games with mirrors
Collect those coins.
You can view a demonstration before you try it yourself.
Mission failed screen
Using the chain.
Running on a pipe.
Doorway to the next room