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Box Inside Cover:
    The Civilized World is Threatened!

    Answer the Call to Arms and Face the Hordes!

    In this exclusive collection developed by the award-winning Black Isle Studios, you will confront an ancient evil that threatens to unleash unspeakable horror. The icy tundra of Icewind Dale awaits you.

    Icewind Dale

    Battle Ice Trolls, Giants, and swarms of petrifying Undead. Over 150 monster types that will challenge your bravery and determination in real-time combat.

    Launch attacks throughout an expansive, beautifully-rendered environment, from ancient ruins to volcanic caverns and icy plains.

    Multiplayer support for up to 6 players over LAN or Internet connections.

    Icewind Dale: Heart of Winter

    Forge ahead through 5 extensive realms that enhance the adventure of Icewind Dale.

    Continue your campaign of carnage against never-before-seen monsters and discover over 100 new items and 59 new spells.

    Icewind Dale II

    Cast over 300 powerful spells, clash with fierce monsters, and collect hundreds of items on your journey.

    Recruit courageous adventurers with a pre-made party or customize each character.

    Superior multiplayer support for up to 6 players for the ultimate battle.

    Contributed by Stillman (7619) on Jul 03, 2004.