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User Reviews

Old times recaptured in a straight line Unicorn Lynx (181445) 3.86 Stars3.86 Stars3.86 Stars3.86 Stars3.86 Stars
Excellent break from the Baldur's Gate series. OlSkool_Gamer (102) 5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars
Ooohh … now I remember this! An adventure gal revisits the RPG genre Jeanne (76226) 3.57 Stars3.57 Stars3.57 Stars3.57 Stars3.57 Stars
Not just another overrated RPG Sam Tinianow (116) unrated
Wonderful RPG with a twist The Gay Elf (14) 4.43 Stars4.43 Stars4.43 Stars4.43 Stars4.43 Stars
Superb RPG - But it lacks the soul of AD&D Indra was here (20853) 4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars

Our Users Say

Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the voice or video acting. 3.9
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 3.7
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 4.2
Graphics The visual quality of the game 4.2
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 4.1
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 4.4
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 3.9
Overall User Score (117 votes) 4.0

Critic Reviews

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96 (Jan 15, 2001)
Now before I gush all over the place, there were some drawbacks. First of all, the over heard third person perspective was a little limiting. I could not see the trolls in all the glorious detail I would have liked, nor could I watch as my sword separated an evil villain’s enthusiasm form the rest of him as graphically as I would have preferred. As well, only select few of the NPCs spoke with audio support. Most conversations were done in text form, and this did detract from the game play a bit. However, these drawbacks are minor and do pale in comparison to the over all effect of the game. Icewind Dale is simply the best RPG I have had the pleasure of playing in a very long time. Strong characters with a well written story line and wonderful execution makes this one a classic, and a must have for any hard core RPG fan!
Xtreme Pc (Aug, 2000)
A memorable rpg in the Baldur's Gate tradition. Good: gameplay, story, graphics and excellent music. Hours of fun.. Greater emphasis on combat and the search for magical items. The multiplayer. Bad: Pathfinding issues. Unable to import characters from Baldur's Gate. The infinity engine is beginning to show old.
Gamer's Pulse (Jul 23, 2000)
Icewind is definitely not a perfect game. It has a few flaws, a shorter, more simplified story, but it also has quite a few nice advances over Baldur’s Gate. For those of you who enjoy creating an entire party and getting into some hardcore adventuring, then this game is for you. While Baldur’s featured a more intricate plot, a broader scale, and a little slower gameplay, Icewind throws you into the deepest, darkest dungeon full of baddies and says, “Have fun.” I enjoyed the game immensely, and would recommend it to anyone seeking a good, wholesome CRPG experience. Forget about that silly sequel that just came out…this game has got it all for you to enjoy!
Score (Aug, 2000)
I když je Icewind Dale trochu akčnější a lineárnější než Baldur's Gate, jde přesto o perfektní čistokrevné fantasy RPG podle pravidel AD&D.
Another excellent AD&D computer RPG comes to life on your monitor, although it's not a great leap from Baldur's Gate.
Alter such a long dry spell, there seems to be a large number of RPGs hitting the shelves these days. Everyone’s trying to cash in on the action and there’s a lot of hype surrounding some of the biggest names. For serious role-players, I’d recommend ICEWIND DALE before DIABLO 2. While DIABLO 2’s pure hack-and-slash approach can get tiring after awhile, ICEWIND DALE manages to combine a lot of slashing with a great story and more strategic gameplay. Once again, Black Isle has succeeded admirably in creating a game that both the casual gamer and hardcore roleplayer can enjoy.
90 (UK) (Aug 19, 2000)
Baldur's Gate 2 will have to be pretty special to better Icewind Dale, and role-players have never had it so good.
The old adage of "quality not quantity" seems to apply in many ways to Icewind Dale. What the game lacks in length and sounds, it makes up for in graphics and ease of use. Icewind Dale is a powerhouse of seductive gameplay that, because of good story development and artistic creativity, performs a rare feat: it actually improves as it progresses.
We would like to put a nearly perfect 4 and 1/2 GiN Gems into Black Isle's gem case for this wonderfully enjoyable title. If you like the Baldur's Gate engine and prefer the more hack and slash style of play - as opposed to the more role-playing oriented Baldur's Gate II, then don't let this title pass you by.
90 (Jul 17, 2000)
Pour ce qui est du son, on atteint le sublime. Les effets sonores sont magnifiques et les musiques plongent elles aussi le joueur dans l’ambiance des les premières minutes de jeu. Cerise sur le gâteau, les voix sont aussi particulièrement réussies et les cinématiques entre les six chapitres du jeu en deviennent de véritables œuvres d’art. Ajoutons à cela que l’on peut jouer à 6 en LAN et sur Internet (bien que cela ne soit pas d’un grand intérêt si on a déjà fini le jeu en solo) et on obtient… le meilleur jeu de rôle du moment.
Gameplay (Benelux) (Aug 30, 2000)
Een waardige opvolger van Baldurs Gate die het genre alle recht aandoet. Eén brok spelplezier!
90 (Aug 08, 2000)
After being extremely disappointed with Diablo II (which broke another mouse), I was actually pining away for a good old RPG that required more than strong index finger muscles. I pre-ordered Icewind Dale, and thankfully, it arrived a few weeks after the release of Diablo II. After realizing that I did not have enough HD space left (thanks to my ubiquitous CounterStrike 6 and having just installed Deus Ex, which by the way, is quite cool), I decided to trash DII to make room. It was a good day.
Power Unlimited (Sep, 2000)
Icewind Dale is niet vernieuwend nog revolutionair maar wel erg leuk. Dieper en ook moeilijker dan Diablo 2 en bijna net zo verslavend en aktievol. Heb je Diablo 2 al uitgespeeld en wil je d tijd tot Baldur's Gate 2 doden, dan kun je je met Icewind Dale weer helemaal opladen.
RPGFan (Sep 29, 2000)
Icewind Dale is a game that's hard to write about. Saying that it's a "fun, hack and slash adventure" doesn't really do justice to the game, but that's really what it is. It's essentially a long AD&D campaign, wrapped up with a nice interface, great graphics and sound, and other nice touches. It's not the greatest game you'll ever play, but you can certainly do worse with your time and money. If you like PC RPGs, pick it up. If you don't usually like PC RPGs due to their non-linearity, this may be the game for you.
ActionTrip (Jul 31, 2000)
I can't decide on a final advice whether to purchase Blizzards or Black Isles favourite. Although they are very similar, the concept of these two games is very different. Diablo is all about action, but Icewind Dale, even with ample action and battle, is an adventure. The best thing to do is to become the proud owner of both games.
Icewind Dale bringt spieltechisch nichts, was ich nicht schon in anderer Form gesehen hätte - aber das unglaublich gut. Ein heißer Tipp für alle Rollenspieler und solche, die für das massive Baldur's Gate 2 im Herbst keinen Sonderurlaub bekommen.
GameSpot (Jul 07, 2000)
Ultimately, its story makes Icewind Dale all the more satisfying, and its exciting action makes its occasional problems negligible. There's always a purpose behind all the hacking and slashing, which makes the gameplay seem rewarding and challenging, rather than like a cheap thrill. In this sense, Icewind Dale is surprisingly effective, much like Planescape: Torment managed to be impressive largely on account of its involving plot. Likewise, Icewind Dale proves to be another great addition to Black Isle Studios' roster of high-quality role-playing games. It's well suited for fans of Black Isle Studios' previous games, fans of classic hack-and-slash AD&D computer games, and anyone looking for an action-packed role-playing game with a lot of depth.
Daily PC Game Reviews (Feb 26, 2011)
I can't do enough justice for Icewind Dale. It is a excellent game that must be owned by every PC gamer! Icewind Dale relies on background of The Forgotten Realms whose creator is the author Ed Greenwood, but the developers from Black Isle Studio also added their own identity to the world of Faerûn. They have created a truly rich and incredible world for you to adventure in. Icewind Dale is definitely worth getting for all the many quests and side quests that you must complete, the huge amount of monsters that you must fight, and the many things to see and do. It's probably going to chisel away at least 20 hours of your life before you even complete it. Enough said already, go get the game now.
Es lässt sich nicht leugnen: Icewind Dale ist ein zweischneidiges Schwert mit einer polierten und einer leicht angerosteten Seite. Während der durchdachte Handlungsrahmen und die Anlehnung an das Pen&Paper-Vorbild zu überzeugen wissen, knüpft das Spiel im grafischen Bereich an alte Untugenden an und liefert das Paradebeispiel für die Sinnlosigkeit überdimensionierter Menüleisten. Nach Planescape:Torment hätte man durchaus mehr erwarten dürfen. Über die grafischen Defizite lässt sich dank der spielerischen Qualitäten aber wohlwollend hinwegsehen, denn besonders im Verbund mit mehreren menschlichen Mitspielern läuft Icewind Dale zu Rollenspielhochform auf.
84 (Sep 18, 2002)
Although I'm not one of those die-hard RPG-fans that take hours and hours to get their party together (you have to make a party of 6 in Icewind Dale, so that will take several hours for those die-hard RPG'ers), I did wonder what Icewind Dale would bring to the gaming community so I decided it would give it a shot, and seeing that most reviewers liked the game, was an extra impulse for me to start playing
GameBanshee (Aug 25, 2000)
Icewind Dale is an extremely fun and addictive game, providing challenges for the beginner as well as for veterans. It has taken Baldur's Gate to a new level of excitement and built upon the weaknesses of its predecessors. Even though I didn't score the game very high overall, this was only due to the lack of replayability and the bugs I encountered. Despite these problems, I would highly recommend this game to anyone who possesses an interest in RPGs and would consider it a necessity for those who have played and liked previous Black Isle RPGs. In my opinion, this game has a very good chance of becoming yet another "RPG of the Year" for Black Isle, depending on the success of Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn which is slated for release this month.
FiringSquad (Jul 18, 2000)
Do you wish Diablo II had a party, more character interaction and more tactics in combat? You got your game here. After reviewing Diablo II, I wasn't too hot on playing another action-RPG, but Icewind Dale stands strong by itself. The reasonable villains alone could have made me play, but BIS has done a great deal to set Icewind apart from the rest of the crowd.
Game Captain (Aug 28, 2000)
Im Gegensatz zu BG ist der rote Handlungsfaden jederzeit zu sehen, das Spiel zerfasert nicht und die erzählte Geschichte ist zwar nicht so wahnsinnig überraschend und aufregend, aber ist in der Lage einen Spannungsbogen zu halten. Kleine Hilfen, wie die brauchbaren Karten, das lyrische Tagebuch und das in geschützten Ecken mögliche Schlafen/Erholen (ohne Futternachschub), machen das Abenteurerleben etwas komfortabler. An einen Netzwerkmodus für bis zu sechs Spieler, die zusammen die Abenteuer erleben wollen, ist ebenfalls gedacht worden. Wenn der Sommer nun etwas heißer wäre, könnte man sich durch Icewind Dale gut abkühlen lassen, aber so bleibt immerhin ein sauberes Rollenspiel für alle Jahreszeiten.
Game Revolution (Jul 01, 2000)
Simply put, this is classic D&D gaming. It doesn't try to do anything new or revolutionary, and as a result, is remarkably fun and easy to play. If you've been moping around ever since you sold your Monster Manual for fifty cents at a garage sale, go pick up a copy of Icewind Dale, sharpen your sword, prepare your magical reagents and do not forget to cast Mordenkein's (SP?) Faithful Watchdog.
82 (Jul 31, 2000)
Den Black Isle Studios ist es mal wieder gelungen, uns mit Icewind Dale einen hervorragenden Vertreter aus dem Genre der Rollenspiele zu präsentieren. Wer "Baldurs Gate" mochte und wem "Planescape Torment" zu abgefahren war, der wird Icewind Dale lieben. Die lineare Story ist zwar nicht besonders tiefgründig, denn Icewind Dale ist definitiv mehr Hack&Slay-orientiert. Glücklicherweise ist zur Zeit immer noch die Wettersimulation Herbst 1.0 aktiv, so dass Icewind Dale dem Rollenspieler gerade recht kommt, die Wartezeit auf das heiß ersehnte "Baldurs Gate 2" zu verkürzen. Allerdings bin ich der Meinung, auch Rollenspieler hätten mal innovative Grafik verdient; außerdem nerven immer noch einige Bugs und behindern bei der Lösung. Diese sollten aber mit dem nächsten Patch behoben sein.
GameSpy (Jul 16, 2000)
I'm so in love with this game. If you liked Baldur's Gate or Planescape: Torment, you'll love this game. If you're a fan of RPGs or strategy, or better, both, pick this title up, as well as the previous two I mentioned. I'm of the mindset that anything Black Isle makes is gold.
Armchair Empire, The (Sep 01, 2000)
By and large Icewind Dale makes for a very fun role-playing romp. It isn’t the grandest, most epic quest ever, but it isn’t trying to accomplish this. If you’re looking for a quick dungeon crawling, hack-and-slash trek through the frozen north with a peppy little story and some great combat then this is definitely a title to get.
PC Joker (Aug, 2000)
(German version)
Kurzum: Icewind Dale bietet auch in der deutschen Version viel Rollenspiel fürs Geld. Dieses Winter-Szenario lässt man sich auch in lauen Sommernächten gerne gefallen!
GameStar (Germany) (Aug, 2000)
Alle paar Pixel stolpere ich in den nächsten langwierigen Großkampf, der nur mit intensivem Charakter-Mikromanagement zu gewinnen ist. Die geplünderte Beute ist ein schwacher Trost. Um Zeug aus dem chronisch engen Inventar zu verkaufen, muss ich ewig lange zur Stadt zurücktippeln (wobei sich einzelne Charaktere gerne verlaufen). Auf die Gefahr hin, für solche Vergleiche gehasst zu werden: In Sachen Spielbarkeit und Komfort könnten sich manche AD&D-Pussel einige Scheiben von Diablo 2 abschneiden. Temporäre Genervtheit soll nicht von den Stärken des Programms ablenken. Der Umfang hält auch Intensiv-Spieler wochenlang beschäftigt. Das Kampfsystem ist fantastisch, um die Schützlinge in Ruhe zu kommandieren. Gespannt kloppt man sich der jeweils nächsten Gegner- und Beute-Wundertüte entgegen. Wenn Sie schon immer anspruchsvolle Runden-Taktik mochten, werden Sie Icewind Dale lieben.
Gamezilla (May, 2001)
If you are a fan of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons and you enjoyed RPGs such as Baldur's Gate, you will like Icewind Dale. Overall, the game has all the elements of a classic fantasy and mystery story, with surprising plot twists and unexpected turns. It should leave the most seasoned adventurer hungering for more. The hack-and-slash battles and the progressive storyline should keep the most demanding RPGer happy. Unfortunately, the game's linear plot does have a tendency to lead players around by the nose. The varied character classes and the outstanding finale only add to the game's replayability.
PC Games (Germany) (Jul, 2000)
Anfangs war ich skeptisch, ob das kampflastige Konzept aufgeht, aber schon nach einigen Spielstunden fühlte ich mich im Eiswindtal pudelwohl. Ständig neue Monster, abwechslungsreiche Karten, jede Menge Spezialgegenstände und eine spannende Hintergrundgeschichte entpuppten sich als eine gelungene Mixtur, die durchaus ein eigenständiges Spiel bildet. Trotzdem haben mir Baldur's Gate und Planescape Torment etwas besser gefallen, du die größere Komplexität für mehr Abwechslung sorgt. Denn trotz der höchst linearen Storyline hätten einige Nebenaufträge mehr nichts geschadet. Leider hat Interplay auch diesmal zum Teil wieder bei den Sprechern gespart, so dass einige der Stimmen zwar zunächst herzhaftes Gelächter auslösen, im Spiel aber nur noch nerven.
If you found Baldur's Gate too slow, Icewind offers a faster, more immediately gratifying game. Fit a team of six with ranged weapons and you'll cruise the first few hours of the game till you hit evil magic-users and rethink tactics. By which time you should be hooked. If you want to try an RPG that has action but plenty of time for thought during fights, Icewind's worth a look.
Despite my misgivings for the engine, I am a huge fan of Icewind Dale. It’s the perfect example of how good design can mitigate technological shortcomings and still produce a great game. I still prefer my RPG’s to have epic storylines and focused character development, which is what made Torment such a classic. And while Icewind Dale isn’t the most original RPG, it is overall more refined and has a much tighter design than Baldur’s Gate or Diablo II. Bottom line is this: anyone who enjoys traditional fantasy role-playing games will love Icewind Dale.
Absolute Games ( (Jul 09, 2000)
В заключение хочу вас попросить об одном одолжении: ради всего святого, не называйте ID "Diablo 2-киллером". Это все равно, что повесить ярлык "Q-киллер" на System Shock 2 или недавний Deus Ex — все-таки эти игры находятся в разных категориях. Оставьте мышеубийцам спорадическое кликанье, сопровождаемое нервной возней по коврику в пылу сражений, ибо подобная аркадная инфантильность не имеет морального права называться серьезно продуманной ролевой игрой. Посему Icewind Dale — вовсе никакой не киллер, а просто хорошая RPG с красивыми задниками, хорошо написанными и озвученными диалогами, роскошной музыкой и сбалансированным годами существования AD&D-лицензии gameplay'ем.
Quandary (Aug, 2000)
I played Icewind Dale through with just a few crashes that I took in my stride. However there is a patch available at Interplay to ensure a smoother trip. As I said earlier this isn't a long journey but it is surely tough. For this reason I wouldn't recommend Icewind Dale as a starting out game. Even if it is a bit dark it has plenty to keep you on your toes so try this one if you are feeling energetic and itching to swing your sword and throw some fireballs and travel some tunnels whilst saving the world. If you want to play more serious politics and immerse yourself in a complex story then you might have to make allowances.
Gameplanet (Sep 10, 2000)
The minor gripes that I have with Icewind Dale are the things which will most likely stop it from appealing to a wide variety of gamers and keep it in the realm of the hardcore RPG fan. First of all the story is very traditional. While it suits the game perfectly, you do often get that sensation of "I've seen this before," which can result in waning interest levels as the story develops. On top of this the game does not lend itself to short sessions; to really appreciate it you have to try and immerse yourself in the storyline.
Von Black Isle hätte ich das nicht erwartet, schließlich haben die schon gezeigt, dass sie es besser können. Icewind Dale ist einfach zu dünn. Wer kam nur auf die Idee, das komplexe AD&D-System für ein ansonsten eher seichtes Rollenspiel zu verwenden? Wenn es mir nur auf Hack’n’Slay ankommt, dann spiele ich gleich Diablo 2, das hat zwar dieselbe Aflnösung, sieht aber trotzdem besser aus, ist actionreicher und spannender. Was nicht heißen soll, dass Icewind Dale schlecht ist, aber es erreicht eben nicht die imposante Größe und epische Breite eines Baldur’s Gate oder Planescape: Torment.
Gry OnLine (Dec 14, 2000)
Podsumowując jeśli ktoś lubi walkę przetykaną gdzieniegdzie jakimiś dialogami i zadankami to gra ta jest wprost dla niego, natomiast osobom ceniącym to, co w RPG najpiękniejsze polecałbym chociażby „Baldurs Gate”, nie wspominając już o Planescape. Oczywiście także osoby, które przeszły już obie te gry wraz z dodatkami i cierpią na chroniczny brak jakiegoś ciekawego RPG i nie mogą się doczekać już drugiej części „Wrót Baldura” to gra ta powinna im się spodobać. Nie wysnuwając żadnych pretensji o grafikę i warstwę fabularną, bierzemy miecz w garść (czy co tam jest pod ręką, tak siekierka do rąbania cukru też może być, liczą się przecież intencje () i wyruszamy na podbój nowych krain i na wieczne poszukiwanie uciekającego nam dobra.
As far as trying to recreate the experience of the actual group dynamics in a role playing session this one got a whole lot closer than the very novel-like Planescape: Torment or the almost cinematic Baldur’s Gate. Depending on your tastes this can either be a good or a bad thing, but it’s great that those three were so different, that they offered so much variety. Out of the three Icewind Dale probably has the greatest replay value, because it puts less emphasis on the story and more on the group of adventurer’s you create.
Gamekult (Sep 08, 2000)
Avec son intrigue minimaliste et son manque de consistance, Icewind Dale laisse un goût d'inachevé plutôt désagréable vu le retard technologique et ludique qu'il accumule. Ce jeu sans âme et sans saveur, doté de surcroît d'une localisation franchement perfectible, ne restera pas longtemps dans les mémoires... Pour fanas absolus de Baldur's Gate.
55 (Oct 01, 2000)
Après le succès phénoménal rencontré par Baldur’s Gate, véritable renouveau du jeu de rôle, à l’époque, le public était en attente de suites et de produits dérivés. Si la suite du premier est bien entendu Baldur’s Gate 2, Icewind Dale se situe plutôt dans la série des produits dérivés. Utilisant le même moteur de jeu que son illustre prédécesseur, il n’apporte pas grand-chose de neuf à la série, si ce n’est une prolongation du plaisir pour les vrais amateurs. Mais tâchons de procéder par ordre, voulez-vous ? Tout d’abord, Icewind Dale (ou Val-de-Bise en français) est le nom d’une région du grand nord des Royaumes Oubliés, articulée autour d’une communauté appelée Dix-Cités. Les lecteurs des aventures de Drizzt Do Urden, le célèbre elfe noir inventé par R.A. Salvatore, sauront de quoi l’on parle.
Génération 4 (Sep, 2000)
Ni jeu d'action, ni jeu de rôle, Icewind déçoit par son côté vieillot. Le scénario en fait toutefois un bon jeu pour attendre Baldur's Gate.

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