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Ich bin ein Star: Holt Mich Hier Raus! Credits

RTL Enterprises

ProducerArnold Scheele
Art DirectorAnke Bück
Product ManagementBarbara Dörr, Tobias zur Weihen

NBG Multimedia

Distribution LeadMatthias Czychy, sowie das NBG Vertriebsteam

Exozet Entertainment

Producer RTLBartol Ruzic
Many thanks toPlanet Pixel, Oliver Funke, Alessandro Riggio, Stephan Freundorfer

Boom Inc.

CreationMarc Fühnen
ProductionMarc Fühnen


ProducerAlexander B. Christof
Project LeadAlexandra Gerb

Aruba Studios

ProgrammingChristian Kaufmann, Oliver Mistarz
Game DesignStephan Reichart, Andreas Steinicke
GraphicsLouise Karzewski, Kim Lange, Markus Thommessen

Eye Rock Media

Character DesignJoachim Krause (JoJo)
Menu DesignJean Brauner
Background Scribbles and PaintingsJoachim Krause (JoJo), Jean Brauner
3D Character Body Modeling and AnimationThomas Kapps (Leo), Peer Brauner

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Credits for this game were contributed by Rainer S (136641)