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atari yars
Written by  :  Felix Knoke (166)
Written on  :  May 19, 2003
Rating  :  4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars
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Tense atmosphere meets trial&error - so what?

The Good

Forget about the story, forget about the mission - Project IGI 2 offers great, tense atmosphere with decent graphics and strategical and tactical depth. Sneak, sneak, sneak and shoot from time to time. You'll find yourself lying on the ground between some trees, watching the enemy pass by and sqeezing your mouse because of the tension. "Will he see me?", is a questions, or ...

The Bad

... "Will I have to restart the WHOLE damn level again?". PIGI2 is damn hard from time to time. And you only have 3 saves left for each mission - and some levels are really big, with many very difficult, perfect-timing-dependend situations. You will hate the developers for sending you the tenth time thru that forest, just because you were spotted by a single, lonesome patrol, taking a leak, or so.

The Bottom Line

You're a lonesome special agent who has to infiltrate enemy territory, recover critical data/material and stay invisible as long as possible. So, you have some weapons - but you'll most of all use the silenced and/or sniper-weapons. And even more important are your strategical and tactical abilities. To solve a mission, you'll have to analyze the territory, understand the routes of the guards, look out for surveillance-cameras and plan your procedure minutious.

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