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Immortal Cities: Children of the Nile Credits

79 people (62 developers, 17 thanks)

Tilted Mill Entertainment

Lead DesignerChris Beatrice
Lead ProgrammerMike Gingerich
DesignersJeff Friske, Tony Leier
ArtistsDennis Rose, Mike Malone, Adam Carriuolo, Kwan Sukasame
Scenario DesignersLenny Eusebi, Matt Zimmitti, David Kondor
Associate ProducerDavid Beebe
Additional ProgrammingChris Harvey
Quality Assurance and Development SupportHans Schroder, Tom Wilhelm, Peter Hollmer, Ron Aghababian
Finance & OperationsPeter Haffenreffer
ProducerMat Williams
Quality Assurance ManagerGreg Sheppard
ProgrammersGus Smedstad, Jeff Somers, Tony Hosier, Victor Rachels, Jim Solomon, Eli Pulsifer, Thanh Pham
Composer, Sound Designer & Video EngineerKeith Zizza
WriterKen Parker
Additional Scenario DesignTom Fenselau, Jared Sorensen, Jonathan Peters
Lead TesterBlair Evans
WebmasterJeremiah Freyholtz
Legal CounselMarsha Philips Beatrice
Voice ActorsGil Andrews, Gene Bogart, David Fielding, James K. Flynn, Pam Good, Tom Guyette, Howie Hoggins, Vivian Liu-Somers, George McNerlin, Ruthi McNerlin, Tess McNerlin, Bruce Miles, Lani Minella, Michael Monsour, Eve Passeltiner, George Piehl, Danielle Seadia, Jessica Wachsman, Francine Wolf

Myelin Media

ProductionGene Mauro, Grant Winton
MarketingSharon Wood
Public Relationscho HighWater
CreativeKen Woo, Brett Icahn, Lesley Zinn Abarcar
SalesStrategic Marketing Partners


Special ThanksRick Goodman, Dara-Lynn C. Pelechatz, Stainless Steel Studios, Claudia Kühl, Tim Znamenacek, Bonnie Ross-Ziegler, James Veevaert, Jan Wagner, Michael Conza, Scott Birnbaum, Deb Munro, Lani Minella (at Audio Godz), Everyone at Earworks, Beta testers, Loyal fans, The CotN Luminaries, Our longtime supports at Heavengames and

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Credits for this game were contributed by Sciere (618658)