Imperialism II: The Age of Exploration Credits


Original Game DesignBen Polk, William Spieth, Ted Spieth
ProgrammingRachel Bernstein, Eric Fredricksen, Michael Mortimer, Ben Polk
Cross‑Platform ProgrammingEric Fredricksen
ArtAndre Salcido, Vadim Vahrameev, Brian White
CinematicsAndre Salcido, Vadim Vahrameev
ManualWilliam Spieth
Sound FXAudio Syncrasy
Music CompositionVictor Spiegal
Musicians Baroque InstrumentationAmerican Baroque
Midi MusicVictor Spiegal
Senior ProducerAlan Wasserman
Production AssistantGeorge Chastain Jr.
Senior V.P. of DevelopmentDaniel Cermak
V.P. of R&DJan Lindner
Manual EditorAnathea Lopez, Mark Whisler
Test ManagerJeff Franks
Lead TestersAaron Addleman, Alana Gilbert
SSI TesterThadd Abernathy, Toby Abernathy, Ashley L. Bushore, Jeremy Campbell, Chris Cates, Rich Connell, Dan Couvillion, Eric David Ribner, Bryan Fasholtz, Richard Fielder, Larry W. Finch, Brian Fitz, Oshyan Greene, Cyrus G. Harris, Deirdra Hendricks, Jessica Jones, Charles Kammerer, Leila Kincaid, Stephen Krause, Joel Lehmann, Kurt Maffei, Walker Richardson, Timothy Saluzzo, Richard Wagenet, David L. Yen


Installation and Localization ProgrammerPhilip Wang
LocalizationHiromi Okamoto
Beta Test Site CoordinatorShawn Storc
Director of MarketingTodd Wolf Sitrin
Associate Marketing ManagerTanya Schornack
Public Relations DirectorKaren Conroe (K.C.)
Product Marketing AssociateBrigham Hausman
Website Design & CreationEric Wayne Key, Margaret Wallace
Packaging & AdvertisingEpicentric
Manual LayoutLouis Saekow Design
Special thanks to many others at SSI and Mindscape Entertainment that all contributed to make IMPERIALISM II: AGE OF EXPLORATION such a great product and project to work onCharles J. Kroegel Jr., Bret Berry, Joel Billings, Jacques Hennequet, David Feldman, Sandra Shepard, Kim Grant, Mario Alves, Rick E. White, Steven G. Peterson, Stanley Biesiadecki, Steve Murphy, Donald W. Laabs, Jeff M. Peña, Garrett Graham, Charles Harribey, Jonathan Kromrey, Debbie Minardi, Caryn Mical, Alexa, Nick, Deb, all of our families that have been especially understanding and put up with many hours of work that went into this project
While too many strong to list here individually, we include a very special thanks tothe many testers that were part of our external team, Your efforts and contention have contributed greatly to making IMPERIALISM II: AGE OF EXPLORATION a better game; we couldn't have done it without you.


Sound EffectsAudio Syncrasy
Music Performance with Baroque InstrumentsAmerican Baroque
Midi Music PerformanceVictor Spiegal
Special thanks toour families and friends who put up with us during this project and at other times as well


Product ManagerAnthony Parkins
PR ManagerPaul Kluge
Senior Graphic DesignerAndrew French
European Graphic Design ManagerBill Duncan
Creative Services Co-ordinatorDanni Askew
Creative Services ManagerMaria Fernandez

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